Your 24 Month XP Warning

Hi all, Ned here again with a public service announcement: On April 8th 2014, Windows XP support ends For the temporally challenged, that’s exactly two years from today. Hopefully, some of you don’t care because you’ve already gotten off XP. After all, Windows 7 has a 41% piece of Windows desktop distributions now according to… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: Unintended Hilarity Edition

Hiya folks, Ned here again with another week’s questions, comments, and oddities. This time we’re talking: GPMC inconsistent permissions error ADMT multiple servers DFSR staging calculation performance USMT and MAX_PATH DFSR port 5722 on members Common AD support topics Other things Let’s get it. Question When we change security on our group policies using GPMC,… Read more

The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.

Hi folks, Ned here again. Despite the reputation for cutting edge technology, a lot of IT departments can get stuck in the now or worse, the past. Since it’s a new year, a new economy, and winter is coming to a close, here are some articles you should find interesting if you are looking to… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: The Year 3000 Edition

Hello all, Ned here again. Today we talk DCDIAG, DFSN, DFSR, group policy, user profiles, migrations, USMT, and the fuuuuuuturrrrrrrrre. DCDIAG failing RPCSS test Disabling DFS targets via command-line RSOP.MSC errors on Win7 The future of AD MIGAPP.XML compatibility between USMT 3.01 and 4.0 Mixing DFSR versions between OSes Profile conversion from workgroup to domain joined… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: Geek Week Edition

Hey all, Ned here again. Welcome back from Christmas, New Years, etc. Today we talk some BitLocker, SSL, DFS, FRS, MS news, and some geeky goo. Despite us being offline for the past few weeks, we weren’t deluged with new questions – glad you took some time off, you deserved it. Yoink! Bitlocker key backup… Read more

Migrating DFS Namespaces to Preserve Old Domain Names

Hi folks, Ned here again. A few years ago Dave Fisher wrote a treatise on how to migrate your domain-based DFS namespaces from one forest or domain to another. It works great and a lot of people have found his article helpful. Recently, a few customers have asked how they can migrate a namespace out… Read more

How to Migrate the AzMan Store

David Everett here again. I’ve had a couple customers contact me wanting to migrate an Authorization Manager (Azman) store and I thought others wishing to do the same might find this useful. This need typically arises when someone has been testing AzMan in a test domain and they want to preserve all of the time… Read more

ADMT 3.1 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Hello All, UPDATE June 19 2010 – stop reading and go here: ===== There’s a known issue with installing Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) v3.1 onto a Windows Server 2008 R2 computers that I want to bring to everyone’s attention. At this time it has been acknowledged that version 3.1 (which does require Windows… Read more

ADMT 3.1 Released

Hi everyone, David here. I just wanted to spread the word that ADMT 3.1 is now available for download. Like all previous versions of ADMT, it’s free to install and use. The big change in this version of the Active Directory Migration Tool is support for migration using Windows Server 2008 domain controllers. Also included… Read more

Verifying File Replication during the Windows Server 2008 DFSR SYSVOL Migration – Down and Dirty Style

Hi, Ned here again. You’ve probably already started reading about how Windows Server 2008 now supports using Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) technology to synchronize SYSVOL. This means that the legacy File Replication Service (FRS) is no longer necessary and all the DFSR advantages for reliability, scalability, and performance can be realized. As with any… Read more