Roaming Profile Compatibility – The Windows 7 to Windows 8 Challenge

[Editor’s note:  Everything Mark mentions for Windows 8 clients here is also true for Windows 8.1 clients.  Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 clients use the same (v3) profile version, so the 8.1 upgrade will not prevent this from happening if you have roaming profiles in your environment.  Something to be aware of if you’re planning… Read more

What’s Causing that DFSR Change Storm?

[This is another guest post from our pal Mark in Oz. Even if you don’t care about DFSR, I highly recommend this post; it teaches some very clever log analysis techniques, useful in a variety of troubleshooting scenarios – The Neditor] Hi there! It’s Mark Renoden – Premier Field Engineer in Sydney, Australia – here… Read more

Congrats Sean and Mark, the Newest Masters!

Hey all, Ned here again. You probably know our pals Sean Ivey and Mark Renoden from their AskDS blog contributions. Both of them were once Directory Services Support Engineers and are now Premier Field Engineers, traveling the globe to help solve your problems. Much like the A-Team. Or not. Anyway, what you probably don’t know is that yesterday they… Read more

Effective Troubleshooting

Hi everyone. It’s Mark Renoden here again and today I’ll talk about effective troubleshooting. As I visit various customers, I’m frequently asked how to troubleshoot a certain problem, or how to troubleshoot a specific technology. The interesting thing for me is that these are really questions within a question – how do you effectively troubleshoot?… Read more

DFS Override Referral Ordering, Messing with the Natural Order

Hi everyone. This is your friendly (debatable) PFE, Mark Renoden again. Today I’m talking about DFS Override Referral Ordering – a seldom-used feature with an interesting benefit. For the purpose of this discussion, I’ll refer to the following Active Directory Site Diagram: For the entire discussion, let’s suppose our client is in the site Spoke-A… Read more

The PDCe with too much to do

Hi. Mark again. As part of my role in Premier Field Engineering, I’m sometimes called upon to visit customers when they have a critical issue being worked by CTS, needing another set of eyes. For today’s discussion, I’m going to talk you through, one such visit. It was a dark and stormy night … Well… Read more

Active Directory Site Topology, Not Just for DCs

Mark here again. Following a recent experience in the field (yes, Premier Field Engineers leave the office), I thought it’d be useful to discuss Active Directory Topology and how it influences DFS Namespace and DFS Folder referrals. Let’s look at the following environment for the purposes of our discussion Let’s suppose that the desired referral… Read more