AskDS is 12,614,400,000,000,000 shakes old

It’s been four years and 591 posts since AskDS reached critical mass. You’d hope our party would look like this:  But it’s more likely to be: Without you, we’d be another of those sites that glow red hot, go supernova, then collapse into a white dwarf. We really appreciate your comments, questions, and occasional attaboys…. Read more

AskDS is 0.03 Centuries Old Today

Three years ago today the AskDS site published its first post and had its first commenter. In the meantime we’ve created 455 articles and we’re now ranked 6th in all of TechNet’s blogs, behind AskPerf, Office2010, MarkRussinovich, SBS, and HeyScriptingGuy. That’s a pretty amazing group to be lumped in with for traffic, I don’t mind… Read more

AzMan MMC with a sample application

Hey everyone, Mark from Directory Services again. Just the other day I ran across something that may be useful to the public. Here in Directory Services we support the Authorization Manager snap-in, aka AzMan.msc. This tool can configure role-based access control on applications using an AzMan store. The Azman store can be in an XML… Read more

SQL Bulk Insert – Access is Denied

Hey all, Mark from DS again. I have found that numerous cases have been opened where Microsoft customers are upgrading from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005. After the upgrade they were attempting to run a bulk insert statement either in the Enterprise Manager or the Management Studio application and getting an “Access is denied” error… Read more

Using PORTQRY for troubleshooting

Hi all, Mark from Directory Services again. This time I would like to talk about one of the many tools that we use in troubleshooting network issues. At times you may see errors such as The RPC server is unavailable or There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper (These error messages can… Read more

Understanding How to Read a Userenv Log – Part 1

Hey everyone, this is Mark from the Directory Services team. We get calls all the time where enabling Userenv logging is necessary to see exactly what is happening with group policy and profile loading. If you have ever looked at one it can be confusing to say the least. One thing to remember is that… Read more