So you have a slow logon…? (Part 2)

Bob Drake again and welcome back for the second part of the slow logon series. In this next part I want to dive into some simple troubleshooting techniques to assist you in isolating the cause of your slow logon. Click here for part 1! To dissect where it is slow is not that difficult to… Read more

So you have a slow logon…? (Part 1)

Hi, Bob Drake here again after a short blogging hiatus. I have put this two-part blog post together with hope that it will save you countless hours and a few aspirin when troubleshooting a slow logon. I have had the luxury of working many different slow logon cases and I have to say that these… Read more

Temporary User Profiles and the Citrix ICA Client

Howdy folks, Scott Goad again to talk about an issue that I thought you might find useful. I recently worked with a customer who opened a case for an intermittent profile issue. Windows XP workstations would not load the local profile, resulting in the user receiving a temporary profile. The issue seemed to happen when… Read more