How to Decommission an ADAM/ADLDS server and Add Additional Servers

Hello, LaNae here again. Recently I worked with a customer that was looking for a comprehensive document that outlined the steps for decommissioning a server that had an ADAM/ADLDS instance installed on it. I along with the customer realized there is no such document and you have to piece together multiple documents to get the… Read more

Windows 2008 R2: Managing AD LDS using the AD PowerShell Module

Hello it’s LaNae again. Now that Windows 2008 R2 is available we get to use the coolness of PowerShell with AD LDS. When you install the AD LDS role on a Windows 2008 R2 server it will also install the AD PowerShell module. Unfortunately the documentation in the help files for each cmdlet does not… Read more

Service Connection Points (SCPs) and ADAM/AD LDS

Introduction Hello, it’s LaNae again. A major issue I see when customers call in regarding ADAM/AD LDS is around the creation of Service Connection Points and why they are needed. Let’s take a further look into this topic and uncover the mystery of this object. What are Service Connection Points? Service Connection Points (SCPs) are… Read more

How to Enable Remote Administration of Server Core via MMC using NETSH

Hello, this is LaNae Wade from the Directory Services team.  Windows Server 2008 Core introduces some challenges in administering servers without an explorer shell. Here are some netsh commands that will help you administer your Server Core installation remotely through MMC snap-ins.  Allowing Administration of Server Core from a Remote MMC To administer the Server… Read more