New KB articles January 13-19

Here are the new Directory Services-related KB articles for the week. Also, although it isn’t entirely new, I was reminded that we have the Windows Server 2008 command reference available now. So here are links to both the 2008 and 2003 versions. They are good as a quick reference when you need a command’s syntax… Read more

New KB articles January 5-11

Here are the new KB articles for this week that relate to Directory Services. There is an update to Icacls.exe (which is a replacement for CACLS/XCACLS/XCACLS.VBS, etc. for setting NTFS file permissions), updates to TCPIP.SYS and LSASRV.DLL, a Bitlocker update, and a workaround to resolve slow RDP or SMB connections between 2003 SP2 and Vista… Read more

New KB articles December 22-28

Hi, Craig here. We are going to be posting the new KB articles that relate to Directory Services. Here are the ones published between Dec. 22-28. For the most part the articles will be for components that our group supports, but we’ll also throw in ones that are related to networking, administration, or troubleshooting. KB… Read more

Which KB articles resolve the most Directory Services issues?

Hi, Craig here. It can be frustrating to call support only to have your issue resolved by an article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. Sometimes you are just happy to get the problem solved, but most people prefer to solve something themselves and avoid calling support. So it may be interesting to know which KB… Read more