Friday Mail Sack: They Pull Me Back in Edition

Hiya world, Ned is back with your best questions and comments. I’ve been off to teach this fall’s MCM, done Win8 stuff, and generally been slacking keeping busy; sorry for the delay in posting. That means a hefty backlog – get ready to slurp. Today we talk: Weirdness with NETDOM versus NLTEST when returning DCs… Read more

DFS Referrals and IPv6: Outta site!

Hi, David Everett here again to discuss an issue where DFS clients connect to out-of-site targets when the IPv6 protocol has been partially disabled using an incorrect method. The customer deployed a DFS link replicated by DFSR. An in-site DFS namespace (DFSN) target called ContosoFS1 was deployed in the branch site. It wasn’t long before… Read more