Because TechNet didn’t have enough Active Directory awesomeness already

Time for a quick lesson in blog history.  There’ll be a quiz at the end!  Ok not really, but some history all the same. Back a few years ago when we here at Microsoft were just starting to get savvy to this whole blog thing, one of our support escalation engineers, Tim Springston, decided to… Read more

We’re back. Did you miss us?

Hey all, David here.  Now that we’ve broken the silence, we here on the DS team felt that we owed you, dear readers, an explanation of some sort.  Plus, we wanted to talk about the blog itself, some changes happening for us, and what you should hopefully be able to expect moving forward.   So, what… Read more

I’m Baaaaaccccck

Hey all, Ned here again. After a few months of training room huffing, airline food loathing, and PowerPoint shilling, I’m back in Charlotte. I’ve got a backlog of legacy product posts to share from colleagues, and with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 nigh, more new goo coming your way from me and Mike. And… Read more

What does DCDIAG actually… do?

Hi folks, Ned here again. I recently wrote a KB article about some expected DCDIAG.EXE behaviors. This required reviewing DCDIAG.EXE as I wasn’t finding anything deep in TechNet about the “Services” test that had my interest. By the time I was done, I had found a dozen other test behaviors I had never known existed…. Read more

Other Directory Services Blogs

There are quite a few people out there blogging about AD-related stuff. Below are some I know about. There is an OPML file attached to this post if you just want to import them all into a feed reader (make sure you click through to this post specifically to see the attachment at the bottom)…. Read more

Seeing the domains through the forest: What you need to know to build your career in Directory Services technologies

Hi, Steve again. I thought I would speak through a series of posts about what knowledge is critical to fulfilling the Windows Server Domain Admin role. This topic carries a ton of breadth and depth knowledge. As a beginning, you have to find out where all this knowledge and training is located. My goal is… Read more

Top AskDS Blog Posts

We’ve been at this for over a year (since August 2007), with more than 100 posts (127 to be exact), so maybe we can indulge in a little metablogging to look back on what we’ve done. First let’s look at the posts that sparked the most conversation – because that is what blogging is all… Read more

Command-Line Compression in Core

Hi, Ned here again. Today I’m going to talk about handling compressed files in Windows Server 2008 running as a Core server. You know, that thing with no pretty graphical interface and just a big command prompt that stares at you, daring you to try some successful administration. Core mode is pretty slick – super-small… Read more

Changes to Professional Level (Non-Premier) Support Model

Ned here. On October 1, 2008 the Professional level “Enterprise Platforms Support” business at Microsoft will transition to a call-back model for all Professional support incidents in the United States and Canada.  Below is a description of how to contact Microsoft customer service, as well as other relevant information regarding this change: Why are we… Read more