Monthly Mail Sack: I Hope Your Data Plan is Paid Up Edition

Hi all, Ned here again with that thing we call love. Blog! I mean blog. I have a ton to talk about now that I have moved to the monthly format, and I recommend you switch to WIFI if you’re on your phone. This round I answer your questions on: Reattaching DCs in Windows Server… Read more

Fine-Grained Password Policy and “Urgent Replication”

Hi folks, Ned here again. Today I discuss the so-called “urgent replication” of AD, specifically around Fine-Grained Password Policies. Some background If you’ve read the excellent guide on how AD Replication works, you have probably come across the section around so-called “urgent replication”: Certain important events trigger replication immediately, overriding existing change notification. Urgent replication… Read more

Auditing Password and Account Lockout Policy on Windows Server 2008 and R2

Ned here again. Let’s talk about auditing your domain for changes made to Password and Account Lockout policies. Frankly, it’s a real pain in the neck to figure out Password and Account Lockout auditing and there are legacy architectural decisions behind how this all works, so I’ll make sure to cover all the bases. This… Read more