Friday Mail Sack: Dang, This Year Went Fast Edition

Hi folks, Ned here again with your questions and comments. This week we talk: AD Garbage Collection behavior Applying Group Policy based on installed roles and features Apple hates .local domains More on auto site coverage from Lurch Fixing the mysteriously bad CPU performance of brand new servers DFSN and NetApp Hyper-V and AD/DFSR/FRS/etc. disk… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: General Lejeune Edition

Hello everybody, Ned here again to share some conversations. This week I talk some SMB security, domain renames, file compression, and DFSR DFSR DFSR! Domain rename registry key orphans and determining if a rename ever happened DFSR compression recommendations for Office 2007+ “Server SPN target name validation level” Clustering DFSR on WIn2003 and Win2008 non-R2… Read more