Friday Mail Sack: Peevish Nediquette Edition

Hi folks, Ned here again. This week I talk about Vista’s hidden AD schema, SYSVOL migration mission control, kick-starting cached logon performance, USMT c’est la vie, foul-mouthed NetBIOS, DFSR do-over, and the usual random goo. What to do with a Version 39 (Vista Beta) AD Schema When to migrate SYSVOL – Win2008 or Win2008 R2… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: “Who am I kidding, more like Monthly” Edition

Hi folks, Ned here again with another tri-weekly Friday Mail Sack. This time we talk service auditing, trust creation, certificates and USMT, SYSVOL migration with RODCs, DFS stuff, RPC and firewalls, virtualization, and the zombie corpse of FRS. Shoot it in the head! Trusts prompting for credentials too soon DFS Namespace and anti-virus performance Blocking… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: I Have No Idea What to Call This Edition

Hiya folks, Ned here with a slightly late Mail Sack coming your way. Today we discuss reading event logs, PowerShell, FSMO, DFSR, DFSN, GCs, virtualization, RDC, LDAP queries, DPM, SYSVOL migration, and Netmon. Do it. LogParser and Win2008 R2 security event logs DFS virtualization support Cross-forest trusts and the Infrastructure Master DFSR file rename and… Read more

RunAs Radio Interview (or: Hear Monkey Boy Speak!)

Hi all, Ned here again. The wonderful folks at RunAs Radio recorded a 30-minute audio interview with yours truly a few weeks ago and it’s now available for streaming and download. RunAs Radio is a weekly Internet audio talk show for MS IT Pros and has been around for almost four years. With nearly 200… Read more

The Case for Migrating SYSVOL to DFSR

Hello folks, Ned here again. Recently I was asked to provide a technical assessment of the risks of continuing to use the File Replication Service (FRS) and the benefits of migrating to DFSR, all regarding SYSVOL on domain controllers. I thought I’d find a decent set of documentation on TechNet, polish it up and send… Read more

Important DFSR SYSVOL migration KB’s you should be reading

Ned here (back from vacation, so don’t worry – I’m getting to comments and emails as quickly as I can). If you are planning on doing a DFSR SYSVOL migration, please make sure you give the following KB’s a thorough read before starting: SYSVOL migration to DFSR unnecessarily replicates or conflicts files in Windows Server 2008… Read more

DFSRMIG and the Connection Gremlin

Ned here again. I recently came across a peculiar SYSVOL migration behavior with DFSR, and I thought I’d fill you in so you don’t chase your tail on this someday. The Scenario You can migrate Windows Server 2008 SYSVOL share from using legacy FRS to DFSR. You begin the migration by replacing or upgrading your… Read more

SYSVOL migration from FRS to DFSR – Whitepaper Released

Ned here. It’s done, it’s out, come get it, stop yelling at me! 🙂 SYSVOL Replication Migration Guide: FRS to DFS Replication (TechNet Version)SYSVOL Replication Migration Guide: FRS to DFS Replication (Word Doc Version) Be sure to also run through some of these (possibly) useful accompanying pieces: Verifying File Replication during the Windows Server 2008… Read more

DFSR SYSVOL Migration FAQ: Useful trivia that may save your follicles

Hi, Ned here again. Today I’m going to go through some well-hidden information on DFSR SYSVOL migration; hopefully this sticks in your brain and someday allows you to enjoy your weekend rather than spending it fighting issues. As you already know, Windows Server 2008 introduced the ability to use Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) to… Read more

Verifying File Replication during the Windows Server 2008 DFSR SYSVOL Migration – Down and Dirty Style

Hi, Ned here again. You’ve probably already started reading about how Windows Server 2008 now supports using Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) technology to synchronize SYSVOL. This means that the legacy File Replication Service (FRS) is no longer necessary and all the DFSR advantages for reliability, scalability, and performance can be realized. As with any… Read more