Command line guide for Server Core

Here is a nice primer on commonly used commands for Server Core. Be sure to check out our previous posts involving Server Core.… Read more

Command-Line Compression in Core

Hi, Ned here again. Today I’m going to talk about handling compressed files in Windows Server 2008 running as a Core server. You know, that thing with no pretty graphical interface and just a big command prompt that stares at you, daring you to try some successful administration. Core mode is pretty slick – super-small… Read more

How to Enable Remote Administration of Server Core via MMC using NETSH

Hello, this is LaNae Wade from the Directory Services team.  Windows Server 2008 Core introduces some challenges in administering servers without an explorer shell. Here are some netsh commands that will help you administer your Server Core installation remotely through MMC snap-ins.  Allowing Administration of Server Core from a Remote MMC To administer the Server… Read more