Friday Mail Sack: Geek Week Edition

Hey all, Ned here again. Welcome back from Christmas, New Years, etc. Today we talk some BitLocker, SSL, DFS, FRS, MS news, and some geeky goo. Despite us being offline for the past few weeks, we weren’t deluged with new questions – glad you took some time off, you deserved it. Yoink! Bitlocker key backup… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: Cluedo Edition

Hello there folks, it’s Ned. I’ve been out of pocket for a few weeks and I am moving to a new role here, plus Scott and Jonathan are busy as #$%#^& too, so that all adds up to the blog suffering a bit and the mail sack being pushed a few times. Never fear, we’re… Read more

BitLocker and Active Directory

Paul Fragale coming to you again from the digital world we live in. Today, I want to share with you some information about BitLocker and storing the recovery keys in Active Directory (AD). What is actually created in AD? What happens when I decrypt a drive and re-encrypt it? What about additional drives? What if… Read more