Friday Mail Sack: Guest Reply Edition

Hi folks, Ned here again. This week we talk: CA migration from 1 to 2 tier ADAM/ADLDS P2V ABC 123 Managing AGPM security filters Multiple IIS App pools and Kerberos AGPM multi-domain comparison ADUC domain password weirdness DFSR deletion conflict handling Stale account deletion ad nauseum AD PowerShell, Get-Acl, and the missing objects that aren’t… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: Charlotte Edition

Hiya folks, Ned back with a palette-cleansing Mail Sack after this monstrosity. This week we talk about: To customize AD schema or not DC and root hints USMT and the case of the missing apps DFSR and %SYSTEMROOT% More fun with DC Same As Parent domain zone records Speeding up DFSN client failover AD/LDS and… Read more

Viewing ADLDS traffic with Netmon – where is my LDAP?

Hi, its Linda Taylor here from the UK Directory Services Team! I have decided to make a return to the blog to show you a nice tip on how make Network traffic from ADLDS (Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services) look more readable…or in other words – to enable Netmon to parse it as LDAP. Note:… Read more

AD LDS Schema Files Demystified

Hi, Russell here. When installing Active Directory Lightweight Domain Services (AD LDS) instances, it is quite possible to paint oneself into a corner rather quickly. That’s because LDS comes with minimal schema definitions. To truly make LDS useful to your applications, one must have an understanding of how best to take advantage of the included… Read more

Friday Mail Sack – It’s About To Get Real Edition

Hello Terra, it’s Ned here again. Before I get rolling, a big announcement: On May 16th all the MSDN and TechNet blogs are being migrated to a new platform. This will get us back in line with modern blogging software, and include new features, better search, more user customization, and generally remove a lot of… Read more

Link-Pairs and Configuring Bridgeheads in ADAM/ADLDS

Well, hello there AskDS readers. "Terrible" Tim Springston here with a little cross-posting blog action requested by my BFF Ned Pyle. Occasionally we come across things that are not so well documented. One of those is the ADAM or Lightweight Directory Services series of steps needed to configure replication topology. In Active Directory it’s a… Read more

How to Decommission an ADAM/ADLDS server and Add Additional Servers

Hello, LaNae here again. Recently I worked with a customer that was looking for a comprehensive document that outlined the steps for decommissioning a server that had an ADAM/ADLDS instance installed on it. I along with the customer realized there is no such document and you have to piece together multiple documents to get the… Read more

ADAM – Saved event logs show "The description for event ID… cannot be found"

Hi, Ned here again. Today’s post is a quickie, here’s the scenario: Summary You are troubleshooting ADAM or AD LDS, probably running on a computer you don’t directly administer. Someone has asked you to examine the saved event logs to see if you can determine what’s going on. They may have even already removed that… Read more

One stop Audit shop for ADAM and ADLDS

Hello, Linda Taylor here, I am an Escalation Engineer in the Directory Services support team in the UK. I do a lot of work with ADAM and ADLDS. One of frequent subjects for questions for ADAM/ADLDS is around auditing. We have lots of very good documents on TechNet about ADAM and ADLDS which briefly mention… Read more

Are you backing up ADAM?

Hi, it’s Adam Conkle from the Microsoft Directory Services team. I recently encountered a disaster recovery situation with an ADAM instance where objects were accidentally deleted, and the customer required help performing the restore of those objects from backup. We ran into a major problem that I feel many administrators may be overlooking, so I… Read more