Deploying Custom Registry Changes through Group Policy

Hi, Ned here. I’m a Technical Lead in Directory Services out of Charlotte, NC. Today I’m going to talk a little bit about a common customer question: how do I leverage group policy to deploy custom registry settings? I’ll be showing two ways to do this… the easier versus the harder. Why would you ever… Read more

Terminal Server Licensing Explained…

I am going to start off the technical topics with a fairly light yet very confusing topic- once it’s explained though it’s very simple. Terminal Server Licensing is probably among the easiest for us to troubleshoot, however, there are so many different scenarios it gets confusing FAST! The story on Terminal Server Licensing changes dramatically… Read more

Welcome to the Directory Service Team blog- Why are we here anyway!

Welcome to the Enterprise Platform Support Directory Services Team blog   We are a team of folks who support Active Directory for Microsoft.  As our name implies, we support Active Directory and its associated components – Group Policies, Certificate Services, DFS and Kerberos, to name but a few – all of these technologies are our… Read more