Friday Mail Sack: Best Post This Year Edition

Hi folks, Ned here and welcoming you to 2012 with a new Friday Mail Sack. Catching up from our holiday hiatus, today we talk about: Disabling Administrative Shares Making Get-ADDomainController useful’er Kerberos group bloat USMT moving profiles back from other disks The DFSR service and backups AGPM and “out of band” built-in policy changes USMT… Read more

Understanding the AD FS 2.0 Proxy

Hi guys, Joji Oshima here again. I have had several cases involving the AD FS 2.0 Proxy and there is some confusion on what it is, why you should use it, and how it works. If you are looking for basic information on AD FS, I would check out the AD FS 2.0 Content Map…. Read more