Kerberos errors in network captures

Hi guys, Joji Oshima here again. When troubleshooting Kerberos authentication issues, a network capture is one of the best pieces of data to collect. When you review the capture, you may see various Kerberos errors but you may not know what they mean or if they are real problems. In this post, I’m going to… Read more

Common DFSN Configuration Mistakes and Oversights

Hello all, Dave here again. Over a year ago, Warren created an ASKDS blog post covering common DFS Replication (DFSR) mistakes and oversights. Someone asked me recently where the common DFS Namespaces (DFSN) mistakes article was located. Well, here it is now… Below you will find details about the more common configuration mistakes or oversights… Read more

Dynamic Access Control and ISV Goodness

Hey all, Ned here with a quickie: Robert Paige just published an interesting read on Windows Server 2012 Dynamic Access Control over at the Windows Server blog: It highlights the work done with Independent Software Vendor partners and the products they are creating to integrate with the DAC suite. Definitely worth a read. As… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: I Don’t Like the Taste of Pants Edition

Hi all, Ned here again. After a few months of talking about Windows Server 2012 to other ‘softies from around the globe, I’m back with the sack. It was great fun – and not over yet, it turns out – but I am finally home for a bit. The only way you don’t know that… Read more

Standardizing Dynamic Access Control Configuration – Exporting and Importing Dynamic Access Control objects between Active Directory Forests

[This is a guest post from Joe Isenhour, a Senior Program Manager in Windows Server. You may remember him from his previous ADFS claims rule post. If you are not yet up to speed on the DAC security suite in Windows Server 2012, I recommend our own Mike Stephens’ treatise Understand and Troubleshoot Dynamic Access… Read more

Managing the Recycle bin with Redirected Folders with Vista or Windows 7

Hi, Gary here, and I have been seeing a few more questions regarding the recycle bin on redirected folders. With the advent of Windows Vista there was a change in redirected folders and the support for the Recycle bin. Now each redirected folder has a Recycle Bin associated with it. Windows XP only implemented it… Read more

RSA Key Blocking is Coming

Hey all, Ned here again with one of my rare public service announcement posts: In August 2012, Microsoft will issue a software update for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 R2. The update will block the use of RSA cryptographic keys… Read more

I’m Baaaaaccccck

Hey all, Ned here again. After a few months of training room huffing, airline food loathing, and PowerPoint shilling, I’m back in Charlotte. I’ve got a backlog of legacy product posts to share from colleagues, and with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 nigh, more new goo coming your way from me and Mike. And… Read more

An ADFS Claims Rules Adventure

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Steve Halligan, a Senior Premier Field Engineer.] Notes from the Field Customers can come up with some fairly complex requirements for access control. It can be a challenge to accommodate these requirements in an Office 365 world. The ADFS claims rule system in ADFS 2.0 UR1 provides… Read more

New Office 365 and AD FS/DirSync Information Available

Hi folks, Jonathan here again. Adam Conkle has posted some new goodies related to Office 365 and AD FS/DirSync that may interest you. Take a look, and be sure to rate the content if you find it useful. —- Client Access Policy Builder – Short description: Hotfix Rollup Update 2 for AD FS 2.0… Read more