So long and thanks for all the fish

My time is up. It’s been eight years since a friend suggested I join him on a contract at Microsoft Support (thanks Pete). Eight years since I sat sweating in an interview with Steve Taylor, trying desperately to recall the KDC’s listening port (his hint: “German anti-tank gun”). Eight years since I joined 35 new… Read more

Managing RID Pool Depletion

Hiya folks, Ned here again. When interviewing a potential support engineer at Microsoft, we usually start with a softball question like “what are the five FSMO roles?” Everyone nails that. Then we ask what each role does. Their face scrunches a bit and they get less assured. “The RID Master… hands out RIDs.” Ok, what… Read more

The yuck that is "PC Recycle Day" at Microsoft

Hey all, Ned here again. Still no ETA on Win8 word, and we’ve already discussed everything else on Earth ( ;-P ) so now I will share with you some insider knowledge of working in Microsoft Charlotte: the quarterly “PC Recycle Day”. Here’s an example of what I just saw on my way to get some coffee. A… Read more

RPC over IT/Pro

Hi folks, Ned here again to talk about one of the most commonly used – and least understood – network protocols in Windows: Remote Procedure Call. Understanding RPC is a foundation for any successful IT Professional. It’s integral to distributed systems like Active Directory, Exchange, SQL, and System Center. The administrator who has never run… Read more

Troubleshooting ADPREP Errors

Hi all, Rob Newhouse again, and today I am talking about errors that you may see while running ADPREP. Normally I do not like to create a laundry list of errors, however I believe it should be beneficial and save you some time and (maybe) money by posting these common errors. This is a follow… Read more

Vista’s MoveUser.exe replacement

Hi Rob here again. I recently had a customer that needed the functionality of MoveUser.exe from the Windows 2000 Resource Kit available in Windows Vista. The customer had quite a few Windows Vista machines that were not joined to the domain but were now migrating to Active Directory. For their own business reasons they were… Read more

Circle Back to Loopback

Hello again!  Kim Nichols here again.  For this post, I’m taking a break from the AD LDS discussions (hold your applause until the end) and going back to a topic near and dear to my heart – Group Policy loopback processing. Loopback processing is not a new concept to Group Policy, but it still causes… Read more

Understanding (the Lack of) Distributed File Locking in DFSR

Ned here again. Today’s post is probably going to generate some interesting comments. I’m going to discuss the absence of a multi-host distributed file locking mechanism within Windows, and specifically within folders replicated by DFSR. Some Background Distributed File Locking – this refers to the concept of having multiple copies of a file on several… Read more

Enabling CEP and CES for enrolling non-domain joined computers for certificates

Hey all, Rob here again. I thought I would expand upon my last blog describing Certificate Enrollment Web Services by covering some of the different configurations that are possible. As a refresher, Certificate Enrollment Policy and Certificate Enrollment Services abstracts certificate Policy and certificate Enrollment from a specific Active Directory forest allowing clients in a… Read more