Back to the Loopback: Troubleshooting Group Policy loopback processing, Part 2

Welcome back!  Kim Nichols here once again with the much anticipated Part 2 to Circle Back to Loopback.  Thanks for all the comments and feedback on Part 1.  For those of you joining us a little late in the game, you’ll want to check out Part 1: Circle Back to Loopback before reading further. In… Read more

We’re back. Did you miss us?

Hey all, David here.  Now that we’ve broken the silence, we here on the DS team felt that we owed you, dear readers, an explanation of some sort.  Plus, we wanted to talk about the blog itself, some changes happening for us, and what you should hopefully be able to expect moving forward.   So, what… Read more

AD FS 2.0 Claims Rule Language Part 2

Hello, Joji Oshima here to dive deeper into the Claims Rule Language for AD FS. A while back I wrote a getting started post on the claims rule language in AD FS 2.0. If you haven’t seen it, I would start with that article first as I’m going to build on the claims rule language… Read more

Circle Back to Loopback

Hello again!  Kim Nichols here again.  For this post, I’m taking a break from the AD LDS discussions (hold your applause until the end) and going back to a topic near and dear to my heart – Group Policy loopback processing. Loopback processing is not a new concept to Group Policy, but it still causes… Read more

Distributed File System Consolidation of a Standalone Namespace to a Domain-Based Namespace

Hello again everyone! David here to discuss a scenario that is becoming more and more popular for administrators of Distributed File System Namespaces (DFSN): consolidation of one or more standalone namespaces that are referenced by a domain-based namespace. Below I detail how this may be achieved. History: Why create interlinked namespaces? First, we should quickly… Read more

Configuring Change Notification on a MANUALLY created Replication partner

Hello. Jim here again to elucidate on the wonderment of change notification as it relates to Active Directory replication within and between sites. As you know Active Directory replication between domain controllers within the same site (intrasite) happens instantaneously. Active Directory replication between sites (intersite) occurs every 180 minutes (3 hours) by default. You can… Read more

ADAMSync + (AD Recycle Bin OR searchFlags) = "FUN"

Hello again ADAMSyncers! Kim Nichols here again with what promises to be a fun and exciting mystery solving adventure on the joys of ADAMSync and AD Recycle Bin (ADRB) for AD LDS. The goal of this post is two-fold: Explain AD Recycle Bin for AD LDS and how to enable it Highlight an issue that… Read more

Intermittent Mail Sack: Must Remember to Write 2013 Edition

Hi all, Jonathan here again with the latest edition of the Intermittent Mail Sack. We’ve had some great questions over the last few weeks so I’ve got a lot of material to cover. This sack, we answer questions on: Issues upgrading DFSR hub servers to Windows Server 2012 AD FS Sign-out behavior Dynamic Access Control… Read more