Top 10 Common Causes of Slow Replication with DFSR

Hi, Ned again. Today I’d like to talk about troubleshooting DFS Replication (i.e. the DFSR service included with Windows Server 2003 R2, not to be confused with the File Replication Service). Specifically, I’ll cover the most common causes of slow replication and what you can do about them. Update: Make sure you also read this… Read more

It turns out that weird things can happen when you mix Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2012 R2 domain controllers

  UPDATE:  The hotfix is now available for this issue!  Get it at This hotfix applies to Windows Server 2012 R2 domain controllers and should prevent the specific problem discussed below from occurring. It’s important to note that the symptoms of users and computers not being able to log on can happen for a… Read more

Deploying Group Policy Security Update MS16-072 \ KB3163622

My name is Ajay Sarkaria & I work with the Windows Supportability team at Microsoft. There have been many questions on deploying the newly released security update MS16-072. This post was written to provide guidance and answer questions needed by administrators to deploy the newly released security update, MS16-072 that addresses a vulnerability. The vulnerability… Read more

New DFSR Data Restoration Script

Hi, Ned here. Just a quick heads up – there is a new DFSR data recovery script posted below. This allows you to restore data from the ConflictAndDeleted or PreExisting folders within DFSR, primarily during disaster recovery. As always, we prefer you use your backup system to do this, as the script is 'at your own… Read more

Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) Available For Windows 7 Beta

Ned here. For those testing Windows 7 administration capabilities, this is for you. Download here This is the list of Windows Server 2008 administration tools which are included in Win7 RSAT Client: Server Administration Tools:• Server Manager Role Administration Tools:• Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) Tools• Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) Tools• Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services… Read more

Get out and push! Getting the most out of DFSR pre-staging

Hi, Ned here again. Today I am going to explain the inner workings of DFSR pre-staging in Windows Server 2003 R2, debunk some myths, and hand out some best practices. Let’s get started. To begin, this is the last time I will say ‘pre-staging’. While the term is commonly used, it’s a bit confusing once… Read more

“The LastLogonTimeStamp Attribute” – “What it was designed for and how it works”

Warren here. In Windows Server 2003 we introduced the lastLogontimeStamp attribute. Administrators can use the lastLogontimeStamp attribute to determine if a user or computer account has recently logged onto the domain. Using this information administrators can then review the accounts identified and determine if they are still needed and take appropriate action. Intended Use It… Read more

Advanced XML filtering in the Windows Event Viewer

Hi guys, Joji Oshima here again. Today I want to talk about using Custom Views in the Windows Event Viewer to filter events more effectively. The standard GUI allows some basic filtering, but you have the ability to drill down further to get the most relevant data. Starting in Windows Vista/2008, you have the ability… Read more

Accelerating Your IT Career

Your career isn’t win or lose anymore, it is win or die. The days of guaranteed work, pensions, and sticking with one company for fifty years are gone. Success has returned to something Cro-Magnon man would recognize: if you’re good at what you do, you get to eat. I recently spoke to university graduates about… Read more

Fun with WMI Filters in Group Policy

Hi, Ned here again. You may remember Mike Stephens writing about importing and exporting WMI filters back in May. A common follow up question we got from that blog post was: “Hey cool. So, uh, what are WMI filters again?” Group Policy WMI filters were introduced with Windows XP, and are supported in Windows Server… Read more