….And knowing is half the battle!

Jonathan here. Chuck Timon over on the AskCore blog has a new post that you folks testing with Windows Server 2012 should know about. If you’re playing around with Hyper-V, do yourself a favor and have a read before you call Support. Logon Failures Involving Virtual Machines in Windows Server 2012 Jonathan “Snake Eyes” Stephens… Read more

Digging a little deeper into Windows 8 Primary Computer

[This is a ghost of Ned past article – Editor] Hi folks, Ned here again to talk more about the Primary Computer feature introduced in Windows 8. Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed this lonely beta blog post and if you just want a set-by-step guide to enabling this feature, TechNet does it best. Today I… Read more

So long and thanks for all the fish

My time is up. It’s been eight years since a friend suggested I join him on a contract at Microsoft Support (thanks Pete). Eight years since I sat sweating in an interview with Steve Taylor, trying desperately to recall the KDC’s listening port (his hint: “German anti-tank gun”). Eight years since I joined 35 new… Read more