The yuck that is "PC Recycle Day" at Microsoft

Hey all, Ned here again. Still no ETA on Win8 word, and we’ve already discussed everything else on Earth ( ;-P ) so now I will share with you some insider knowledge of working in Microsoft Charlotte: the quarterly “PC Recycle Day”. Here’s an example of what I just saw on my way to get some coffee.

A couple of these are fairly hard to identify unless you are as old as Jonathan. Take a stab at them in the Comments, if you dare to date yourself. If you’ve used them all, give yourself a pat on the back – you are really close to retirement.

Update: Woo, a particularly crusty late arrival from the Networking team! They may upset the perennial Setup team favorites here and win it all this year, folks.


Update 2: a funeral pyre for once-dominant protocols


Have a nice weekend,


– Ned “spring chicken” Pyle