Friday Mail Sack: They Pull Me Back in Edition

Hiya world, Ned is back with your best questions and comments. I’ve been off to teach this fall’s MCM, done Win8 stuff, and generally been slacking keeping busy; sorry for the delay in posting. That means a hefty backlog – get ready to slurp. Today we talk: Weirdness with NETDOM versus NLTEST when returning DCs… Read more

DFS Override Referral Ordering, Messing with the Natural Order

Hi everyone. This is your friendly (debatable) PFE, Mark Renoden again. Today I’m talking about DFS Override Referral Ordering – a seldom-used feature with an interesting benefit. For the purpose of this discussion, I’ll refer to the following Active Directory Site Diagram: For the entire discussion, let’s suppose our client is in the site Spoke-A… Read more

Oh man, I seriously overslept

Hi folks, Ned here again. We haven’t posted anything in weeks here, and I apologize for that; a perfect storm (of busy) happened. I’ll have a mail sack tomorrow and in the meantime, here’s our old pal Mark with a DFSN article that shares a really slick technique. Enjoy. – Ned “excuses excuses” Pyle… Read more

AD FS 2.0 Claims Rule Language Primer

Hi guys, Joji Oshima here again. On the Directory Services team, we get questions regarding the Claims Rule Language in AD FS 2.0 so I would like to go through some of the basics. I’ve written this article for those who have a solid understanding of Claims-based authentication. If you would like to read up… Read more