Friday Mail Sack: Not Particularly Terrifying Edition

Hiya folks, Ned here again. In today’s Mail Sack I discuss SP1, DFSR, GPP passwords, USMT, backups, AD disk configurations, and the importance of costumed pets. Boo. Win7/R2 SP1 RC in production USMT ramp up Daily DFSR health reports Recommendations for separating AD folders and files onto different disks GPP admin password maintenance DFSR read-only… Read more

New Directory Services Content 10/17-10-23

New KB Articles ID Title 977983 Group Policy preferences client-side extension hotfix rollup for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 931125 Windows root certificate program members 931304 Windows Server 2003 stops responding when the event log size is larger than the default size 977620 You may receive an error message when you run the Msinfo32.exe… Read more

Controlling USMT Desktop Shell Icon Behavior from XP (and how to create registry values out of thin air)

People of Earth! It is I, Ned – your benevolent alien dictator – back again to talk to you about USMT. A few customers have asked me how to prevent XP Classic Start Menu desktop icons from migrating to Windows 7. Since these aren’t true shortcuts, you have to do some gyrations to block these… Read more

Mythical Creatures – Corrupt User Profiles

             “Ned” the Gnome Mike here again and in the spirit of Halloween I want to discuss mythical creatures. What would the world be without J.R.R. Tolkien’s idea of smelly, leather-skinned Orcs or Greek Mythology’s gift of Pegasus, the winged stallion? Unfortunately, for each great mythical creature, like giant walking trees (that walk for… Read more

Hunting down DES in order to securely deploy Kerberos

Hello folks, Ned here again. By now many businesses have begun deploying Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. Since Active Directory has become ubiquitous, Kerberos is now commonplace. What you may not know is that we made a significant change to default cryptographic support in Kerberos starting in Win7/R2 and if you are not… Read more

New Directory Services Content 10/10–10/16

Hi folks – sorry for not posting any new content the last few weeks.  We have not had any public KBs that were related, and now we have a few to make up for the missing weeks.  Enjoy! Blogs ID Title 947222 When you redirect the Documents folder on a Windows Vista-based or Windows 7-based… Read more

Two more positions opened

If you live in the US and want to come work with us here in Directory Services support, we have opened two more positions: If you want experience working on the largest, most complex environments in the world, this is the place to be. You will never be bored and you will never stop… Read more

RESTOREDFSR.VBS Version 3 now available

Hello folks, Ned here again. The infamous restoredfsr.vbs has now been rewritten (thanks for the prodding MLatCC) and it fixes some bad design limits of the older versions that were caused by time constraints and apathy. For those of you have not had the “pleasure” of restoredfsr.vbs: Download: Update 6/12/14 Well that gallery is… Read more

Get-DFSRBacklog PowerShell Script Available

Hi folks. Our buddy Steve Grinker has posted an excellent sample PowerShell script for retrieving DFSR backlogs over the MS Code Gallery site: Get-DFSRBacklog It uses WMI to retrieve DFSR Replication Groups, Replicated Folders, Connections, and servers, then calculates all of their backlog information. All with a simple command-line and no need to shell… Read more

Friday Mail Sack: Cluedo Edition

Hello there folks, it’s Ned. I’ve been out of pocket for a few weeks and I am moving to a new role here, plus Scott and Jonathan are busy as #$%#^& too, so that all adds up to the blog suffering a bit and the mail sack being pushed a few times. Never fear, we’re… Read more