One Stop Shop for Windows Time Information

Hi folks, Ned here again. After much noodling and work here with our TechNet writer team, there is a new, consolidated set of info for Windows Time (w32time) in all of our operating systems, to include Windows 7 and Win2008 R2. All of it can be found here:

Windows Time Service Technical Reference

This includes updated info on:

  • Where to Find Windows Time Service Configuration Information
  • What is the Windows Time Service?
  • Importance of Time Protocols
  • How the Windows Time Service Works
  • Windows Time Service Tools and Settings

I think you’ll find this useful, make sure to give it a look. A huge thanks to Bob Drake, Kurt, and Jarrett for making this happen.

PS: The phrase “one stop shop” is the pet peeve of David Fisher. If you ever find yourself talking to him, make sure you use it often.

– Ned “tick tock you don’t stop” Pyle