Blog Platform Migration Complete

Hello, Internetz. Jonathan here again. Ned didn’t tell you the whole story. Not only did I have to wait for the truth serum to wear off; I also had to chew my way out the straps. Nevertheless, I’ve emerged victorious and have again successfully stormed the AskDS gates and vanquished Ned. Don’t fear for the little Neebler, though. Yes, he’s been jammed into a steel drum along the side of one of our nation’s great highways, but he’s being fed well through the bung hole, mostly, and he has a nice view of the Interstate. I hope he enjoys playing Punch Buggy with himself.

Of course, knowing Ned, I give him about a week before he escapes, so let’s make the most of that time, shall we?

AskDS has been successfully migrated to our new blog platform. Unfortunately, the backup that was restored after the migration was older than we thought so we appear to have lost some of our more recent posts. I’m working now to re-post those articles now. Please let us know if I missed one.

–Jonathan “Pretender, Redux” Stephens