Link-Pairs and Configuring Bridgeheads in ADAM/ADLDS

Well, hello there AskDS readers. "Terrible" Tim Springston here with a little cross-posting blog action requested by my BFF Ned Pyle. Occasionally we come across things that are not so well documented. One of those is the ADAM or Lightweight Directory Services series of steps needed to configure replication topology. In Active Directory it’s a… Read more

Understanding USMT 4.0 Behavior with UEL and UE

Ned here again, reporting live from the tree. Today I am going to explain an expected behavior with USMT 4.0 when using the /UEL and /UE switches. These have been causing some confusion as mass migrations to Windows 7 have commenced. Background The UEL option in USMT is used to exclude user profiles based on… Read more

New Directory Services KB Articles/Blogs 11/23-11/28

KB 970536 Setspn.exe support tool update for Windows Server 2003 977510 Authentication fails when an external client tries to log on to a Windows Server 2008 server by using a read-only domain controller in a perimeter network 977564 Error message on a domain controller that is running Windows Server 2008: “The client-side extension could not… Read more

New Directory Services KB Articles/Blogs 11/1-11/21

Sorry for the lack of posts the last two weeks. I was away on vacation. Now back to our regularly scheduled program. Happy Thanksgiving! KB 976618 You experience performance issues in applications and services when the system file cache consumes most of the physical RAM 954371 The Remote Desktop Web Connection client does not work… Read more

Group Policy Preferences Logging and Windows 7

Hi all, Mike here again. Back in July of 2007, I posted a blog explaining how to enable Group Policy Preferences debug logging using RSAT. As a refresher, Group Policy Preferences debug logging is enabled through Group Policy administrative templates. Many customers experienced a problem when trying to enable the logging using RSAT and Windows… Read more

Get a 90 day trial copy of Windows 7 Enterprise

Still not sure about taking the Windows 7 plunge in your company? Get a fully functional 90-day evaluation copy here. Guidelines on usage: Protect your PC and data. Be sure to back up your data and please don’t test Windows 7 on your primary home or business PC. You have 10 days to activate the… Read more

Implementing Content Freshness protection in DFSR

Hi all, Ned here again. Starting in Windows Server 2008, DFSR supports a protective mechanism called “Content Freshness”. Today I’ll discuss this protection, how to implement it, and what to do when it swings into operation. Background Content Freshness is an admin-defined setting that you can set on a per-computer basis when using DFSR on… Read more

I Hate Mondays

The lesson here is if you go on vacation for a week, make sure your boss is gone too. Otherwise he will do this to your cubicle: Which just goes to show how important a manager’s time really is, of course. Ah well, at least I got some cookies. I hate you Mike. – Ned… Read more

New Directory Services KB Articles/Blogs 10/25-10/31

KB 975830 The memory usage of the Dns.exe process keeps increasing after you install hotfix 941672 on a computer that is running Windows Server 2003 SP2 and that has the DNS server role installed 972622 The Active Directory Application Mode index may become corrupted if you search the instance by using the LDAP virtual list… Read more

Auditing Password and Account Lockout Policy on Windows Server 2008 and R2

Ned here again. Let’s talk about auditing your domain for changes made to Password and Account Lockout policies. Frankly, it’s a real pain in the neck to figure out Password and Account Lockout auditing and there are legacy architectural decisions behind how this all works, so I’ll make sure to cover all the bases. This… Read more