New Directory Services KB Articles 2/7-2/14

New KB articles related to Directory Services for the week of 2/7-2/14.


Best practice for viewing Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 event logs by using Windows Vista


The Set path for TS Roaming Profiles and TS User Home Directory Group Policy settings do not work with user environment variables


Error message when you try to synchronize Active Directory user objects to ADAM: “Internal Error Occured:MultiByteWideChar”


Terminal Licensing Server may not issue Per Device CALs and event id 1004 is generated


Description of the UDP Port Reservation Utility for Windows Server 2003


Applications or services that call the LSA Kerberos functions by using 32-bit processes encounter an exception and crash in Windows Server 2003 64-bit or Windows XP 64-bit systems


Item level targeting in Group Policy Preferences setting s require a hexadecimal value with leading zeros


A feature is available for Windows Server 2008 that lets you synchronize the DSRM Administrator password with a domain user account


AD FS cannot connect to an ADAM store over an SSL connection on a Windows Server 2003 R2-based server


Why you cannot view the msDS-RevealedUsers attribute value on a read-only domain controller that is running Windows Server 2008


The logon process stops responding when you try to log on to a Windows XP-based computer by using a cached credential


When you copy large files between two Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008-based computers in a high bandwidth WAN network environment, the copy speed may be very slow