New Directory Services KB Articles/Blogs 12/13-12/19

KB 978335 Windows Server Update Services keeps reinstalling the root certificates update that is described in KB 931125 on the clients that are running Windows XP 978175 An empty encrypted folder remains on a computer that is running Windows Vista after you move the folder to a network share 977611 After you apply a GPO… Read more

Our Long Winter’s Nap

Hi all. Most of us that maintain this blog are out of the office for Christmas and New Year. Hopefully you don’t care because you are celebrating with your family and friends – not working. Feel free to keep sending us emails and comments, but don’t expect any answers until January 4th. In the tradition… Read more

Troubleshooting Credential Roaming

Hi. Jim here again from Directory Services with a follow up to my Understanding Credential Roaming blog post. To review, credential roaming makes it possible to roam the user’s credentials in a manageable, secure manner that is ultimately transparent to the user. What follows is a deeper dive into the inner workings of Credential Roaming…. Read more

WDS and DFSR: Love at First Sync

Ned here again. Windows Server 2008 introduced a new way to roll out your computers called Windows Deployment Services (WDS). WDS replaces the old Remote Installation Services introduced a decade ago with Windows 2000. By leveraging WDS, you can create image-based deployments, script settings, multicast, and all that other stuff that gets the OS installation… Read more

New Directory Services KB Articles/Blogs 12/6-12/12

KB 976947 The memory usage of the Lsass.exe process keeps increasing on one or more domain controllers that are running Windows Server 2003 if an application or a service calls the DsrAddressToSiteNamesExW function to translate a list of socket addresses 977171 DNS data corruption occurs when the DNS records are transferred from a BIND DNS… Read more

Windows XP Power Management and Group Policy Preferences

Hi everyone, Mike here again to discuss a common scenario that generates calls to Microsoft. The scenario covers managing power on Windows XP client computers using Group Policy Preferences. Let’s cover how Windows XP manages power before we cover Group Policy Preferences Power Management. Windows XP Power Management Windows XP only has one active power… Read more

Control Extended Protection for Authentication using Security Policy

Mike here again. Microsoft has introduced additional security measures for authentication known as Extended Protection for Authentication, also known as channel binding token (CBT). Extended protection can cause a variety of interoperability issues including but not limited to: Windows clients that support channel binding fail to be authenticated by a non-Windows Kerberos server NTLM authentication… Read more

Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and the Group Policy Central Store

Mike here again to help bring clarity to something we are seeing with Windows Server 2008 R2 and existing Group Policy central store. Before that discussion, let us cover some background information. ADMX Files and the Group Policy Central Store Microsoft introduced the ADMX file format with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. This XML-based… Read more

New Directory Services KB Articles/Blogs 11/29-12/5

KB 977755 Error message when a Group Policy client-side extension cannot log RSOP Data:”0x80041002″ 976494 Error 1789 when you use the LookupAccountName function on a computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 Blogs Windows Event Log Service is Starting… and my domain is down! Link-Pairs and Configuring Bridgeheads in ADAM/ADLDS Understanding… Read more

Windows Event Log Service is Not Starting… and my domain is down!

Hi everybody, Scott Goad here to discuss an issue that I worked recently where the customer was unable to logon to the domain. The end result was a group policy preference setting, so enjoy the read. The issue occurred after a change was made to set a group policy preference item to change the clock… Read more