Troubleshooting KCC Event Log Errors

My name is David Everett and I’m a Support Escalation Engineer on the Directory Services Support team. I’m going to discuss a recent trend I’ve seen where Active Directory Replication appears to be fine but one DC only in one (or more) sites begins logging Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) Warning and Error events in the… Read more

Port Exhaustion and You (or, why the Netstat tool is your friend)

Hi, David here. Today I wanted to talk about something that we see all the time here in Directory Services, but that doesn’t usually get a lot of press. It’s a condition we call port exhaustion, and it’s a problem that will cause TCP and UDP communications with other machines over the network to fail…. Read more

File Server Migration Toolkit (FSMT) 1.1 Released

Ned here. The Remote File System developer team wanted us to let you know about the release of FSMT 1.1. Here’s their ‘press release’. 🙂    ===   Microsoft is glad to announce the release of Microsoft File Server Migration Toolkit 1.1.  With this version you will be able to migrate and consolidate shared folders from servers… Read more

New KB Articles 10/19-10/26

New KB articles related to Directory Services for the week of 10/19-10/26. 959117 Certification Authority Service Startup Failure 959113 W32time Service does not start with the Error “System Error 126 has Occurred” “The Specified module could not be found” 951581 When you enable field engineering on an AD LDS or AD AM directory service on… Read more

SSL/TLS Record Fragmentation Support

This is Jonathan Stephens from the Directory Services team, and I wanted to share with you a recent interoperability issue I encountered. An admin had set up an Apache web server with the OpenSSL mod for SSL/TLS support. Users were able to connect to the secure web site using Firefox, but when they tried to… Read more

DFSDIAG in a nutshell

Ned here. Our developer team colleagues at the File Cabinet have posted an interesting article on the DFSDIAG tool. Introduced with Windows Server 2008, this utility is excellent for testing, documenting, and troubleshooting your DFS Namespaces environment. Make sure you give the article a read. What Does DFSDIAG Do? (FileCabinet Blog)  PS: not be confused with the… Read more

New KB Articles 10/12-10/19

New KB articles related to Directory Services for the week of 10/12-10/19. 955832 An SSL connection may fail when you use Internet Explorer to make an SSL connection to an HTTPS Web site that is certified by a Digital Signature Standards (DSS) certificate on a Windows XP-based computer 955427 Copy process is very slow when… Read more

Getting a CMD prompt as SYSTEM in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

Ned here again. In the course of using Windows, it is occasionally useful to be someone besides… you. Maybe you need to be an Administrator temporarily in order to fix a problem. Or maybe you need to be a different user as only they seem to have a problem. Or maybe, just maybe, you want… Read more

“Lag site” or “hot site” (aka delayed replication) for Active Directory Disaster Recovery support

Hi, Gary from Directory Services here and I’m going to talk today about the concept of “lag sites” or “hot sites” as a recovery strategy. I recently had a case where the customer asked if the replication interval for a site link could be set higher than 10,080 minutes (7 days). The quick answer was… Read more

New KB Articles 10/5-10/11

New KB articles related to Directory Services for the week of 10/5-10/11 – 957772 Error message when you access a share that you pinned by using Always Available Offline: “Access is denied” 950825 The Created and Last Modified time and date for some files are displayed incorrectly as the current time and date on a… Read more