Not enough storage is available to complete this operation

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Last week I had a customer that was witnessing the following error each time he attempted to manage his Active Directory environment – including attempting to simply add a domain account to his local client machines Administrators group.

“Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.”

 He had confirmed that he was receiving this same pop-up error message on each and every one of his 2003 SP1 Domain Controllers.

I began troubleshooting this issue as an unresponsive/out-of-resources type of issue in reference to the ‘not enough storage’ part of the error message.  In doing such, I requested and retrieved both ‘NetStat -anb’ (;EN-US;137984) and Server Performance Advisor (SPA) output.   

Note:  If you’re not familiar with the SPA tool, the following blog site for ‘A Day at the SPA‘ is helpful –  

Upon reviewing the information gathered by these tools, it was apparent to me that the error being returned made this not necessarily an unresponsive/out-of-resources type of issue as first suspected.  Specifically, when I reviewed the SPA data and Netstat output it was evident that there was not a resource or bottleneck problem at hand when the issue occurs.

However, the only reference to the error returned with a search of the KnowledgeBase, included an issue w/ MaxTokenSize – 935744 (;EN-US;935744).    So that wasn’t quite it either.

I then located article 913003 – “The Offer Remote Assistance HelpersCNF group is created on domain controllers that have the SMS 2003 Advanced Client installed and that have the Remote Control Agent service enabled” (;EN-US;913003). 

After reviewing this I then confirmed with my customer that they had just recently upgraded their version of Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 Advanced Client and had the Remote Control Agent service enabled (as the article details).  Accessing the Users container within the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in, we had several (322 actually) ‘Offer Remote Assistance HelpersCNF’ domain groups.

Upon following through with the article in disabling both the ‘Solicited Remote Assistance’ and ‘Offer Remote Assistance’ settings within the Default Domain Controllers Group Policy, we deleted all of the CNF objects.  Once deleted and the deletion replicated around to the other Domain Controllers, we were no longer witnessing the – “Not enough storage is available to complete this operation” error.

 Problem solved: our customer could now add a domain account to his local client machines Administrators group.