How to optimize your Windows Server 2003 Print Failover Cluster

There are a lot of administrators that need to maintain a highly available Print Server running on Windows Server 2003 RTM/SP1/R2/SP2 Failover Clusters Hopefully with this series of blog posts, you will be able to create a solid printing environment where you can maintain close to 99.99% uptime* and have good performance during a move… Read more

IRPStackSize and Clusters.

What is IRPStackSize? IRPStackSize stands for I/O Request Packets (IRPs) Stack Size. The count of IRP stack locations used by default for AFD (Ancillary function driver). Specifies how many stack locations the Server service (srv.sys) establishes for I/O Request Packets (IRPs). On some Windows Server 2003 RTM/SP1/R2/SP2 Failover Clusters, it might be necessary to increase… Read more