Introduction to SharePoint Search Indexes for DPM Administrators

This blog introduces the basics of SharePoint Search capabilities to DPM Administrators. Initially, it may be a bit confusing as to why a DPM blog would contain information about how to setup and configure another technology’s software. In protecting this data using DPM, it is necessary to have an understanding of how the protected application… Read more

SharePoint Content DB Mirroring for DPM Administrators

In this blog post, we will cover the mirroring of an existing SharePoint content database using SQL Server 2005. We will also discuss some basics of Search Index Servers in a SharePoint farm. The objective is to provide a light-weight cursory knowledge of how to setup and configure these two aspects of the SharePoint farm…. Read more

Recovery of a Mirrored SQL Database

Recovering a mirrored database, whether it is to a SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008 installation, requires that the existing mirror be broken. For simplicity, you may want to consider deleting both the Principal and Mirror databases and using the latest recovery point that DPM has in order to restore the data. This blog… Read more

Protecting Mirrored Databases with DPM 2007 SP1

Considering the vast amount of mission critical data stored on SQL servers globally, the high availability of database mirroring with the frequent snapshots of DPM make protection and recovery scenarios much less fearful for administrators entrusted with protected SQL data. Database mirroring protection can be thought of as a blend between SQL Failover Clusters and… Read more

SQL Database Mirroring for DPM Administrators

This blog focuses on providing a very light-weight overview of how to implement SQL database mirroring and it is not intended to be a complete how-to reference. DPM administrators benefit by understanding, even at a basic level, how to install and configure the applications DPM will be protecting. This blog is intended to provide some… Read more

Intro to DPM 2007-SP1

In the coming weeks, we will be discussing the new features of DPM 2007 SP1 to enough depth that you can implement them into a new or existing environment. We will also be covering some of the basics on how to install and configure, at a very basic level, the applications that DPM will be… Read more

Installation and Rollback of DPM SP1

Well, the day has come and you are thinking about installing SP1 for DPM 2007 to your DPM environment. There are a few things you that you need to be aware of before you install this Service Pack to any DPM servers. Let’s take a moment to discuss these before unleashing SP1 into your environment… Read more

SharePoint Protection and Recovery using DPM 2007 – Part II

In the previous post, we covered the steps necessary to setup DPM and SharePoint to allow recovery of any SharePoint object from a single file up to the entire Farm.  In this post, we will cover the worst-case scenario in which the entire farm has to be restored. This is also the easiest of the… Read more

Troubleshooting Agent Deployment in Data Protection Manager 2007 – DCOM

The DPM agent is a DCOM application – it cannot function correctly without proper DCOM configuration. This section covers the necessary configuration checks to make sure that DCOM is configured correctly. Non-Clustered Member Servers: As a rule, DCOM Settings for a working DPM 2007 Agent are evidenced by a lack of problems:  You’ll need to… Read more

Troubleshooting Agent Deployment in Data Protection Manager 2007 – Networking

Note:  This is the second of a three part series for troubleshooting the DPM RA (Data Protection Manager Remote Agent).  Please check out the earlier blog, and the next (all start with the same title). Network security protocols between the DPM Server and the Agent can directly affect Agent communication as can DNS configuration and… Read more