Virtual Machine Checkpoint fails with Access Denied when running on a Clustered Shared Volume

When you attempt to create a CheckPoint of a virtual machine that is running on a Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) , you may receive a General access denied error as shown below. You will receive this error if the virtual machine’s VHD is placed on the root of the drive. The reason for the access denied… Read more

Is Offloaded Data Transfers (ODX) working?

Offloaded Data Transfers (ODX) is a new data transfer strategy that makes advancements in moving files.  Only storage devices that comply with the SPC4 and SBC3 specifications will work with this feature.  With this feature, copying files from one server to another is much quicker.  This feature is only available in Windows 8/2012 and above… Read more

Unable to launch Cluster Failover Manager on any node of a 2012/2012R2 Cluster

When Failover Cluster Manager is opened to manage a Cluster, it will contact all the nodes and retrieve Cluster configuration information using WMI calls. If any one of the nodes in the Cluster does not have the cluster namespace "root\mscluster" in WMI, Failover Cluster Manager will fail and give one of the below errors: Or,… Read more

Duplicate Windows Folders

Hello my name is Shasank and today I am going to discuss a customer issue that we recently worked on where a customer reported that Windows Explorer was displaying two Windows directories and Windows Explorer (or powershell) could not remove the folder. For example: Both folders had the same content.  This extra \Windows folder was created… Read more