Troubleshooting Activation Issues

Today, Henry Chen and I are going to talk about troubleshooting some activation issues that we often run into. To begin, here is an article which talks about what Microsoft Product Activation is and why it is important. Also, thisarticle explains KMS Activation. Now, let’s jump into some common activation scenarios. Scenario 1 – Security… Read more

Setting up Data Recovery Agent for Bitlocker

You might have already read on TechNet and one of the other AskCore Blogson how to setup Data Recovery Agent (DRA) for BitLocker. However, how do you request a certificate from internal Certificate Authority (AD CS) to enable Data Recovery Agent (DRA). Naziya Shaik and I have written detailed instructions here and hope it is… Read more

Troubleshooting Common Surface Pro 3 Issues Post Deployment

With the launch of Surface Pro 3, enterprises have been testing/deploying them. Almost all deploy a customized image to Surface Pro 3 and sometimes they hit a roadblock. Today, I will talk about some of the basic things to check that can help narrow down the issues. Before we get to that, I would like… Read more