Deploy Windows to Surface Pro 3 using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

Hi, my name is Scott McArthur and I am Senior Support Escalation Engineer on the Deployment/Devices team. In today’s blog I am going to go over the steps to deploy Windows 8.1 Enterprise X64 Update to a Surface Pro 3. In this example I will be using the following deployment technologies Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013… Read more

Surface Pro Firmware and Driver Pack for Enterprise deployments

Today I am going to discuss the Surface Pro Firmware and Driver Pack.  The Surface Pro Firmware and Driver Pack is a collection of drivers and firmware updates that Enterprise will need if they want to deploy their own custom image to the Surface Pro using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, System Center Configuration Manager, or any… Read more

Sessions from MMS 2013 Now Available

Greetings AskCore fans.  I thought I would start creating a blog for a subset of the videos/sessions available at each of the conferences that Microsoft has throughout the year.  These sessions will be available and will deal with topics that are discussed here on the AskCore Blog.  There are numerous other sessions if you want… Read more

MDT 2010 & 2012 – My deployment failed. What and where are logs I should review?

One of the most common questions I get is “What logs should I look at if my deployment fails?” So here is a little summary of the logs you will be most concerned with when troubleshooting a failed Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 install that are being deployed via Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010… Read more