Window 8 / Server 2012 computers reboot outside of maintenance window after installing updates

Currently, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 RTM computers check for updates from Windows Update or Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) daily at a default time of 3:00 AM (configurable) as part of an automatic maintenance task which runs every day. If any of the updates applied required a reboot, clients and servers may reboot… Read more

How to Setup a Live Debug Using Physical Machines

For this example I am using a Windows Server 2012 Physical machine that will be used to debug a problem machine. I will setup a live Debug session with a Windows 7 sp1 physical machine. Win2012Debugger (Host) – This is the physical machine that will be used to do the debug Win7 client (Target) –… Read more

How to configure Windows Vista to support running Virtual Server R2 SP1

If you’re trying to run Virtual Server on Vista, you need to do two things. STEP 1: Enable IIS and the correct settings. To do this, go to Control Panel and under the Programs category click on Windows Features to Turn Windows features on and off. Here you will see a long list of features… Read more