Microsoft Ignite sessions dealing with what we do in AskCore

Early in the month of May, Microsoft held it’s Ignite Conference (formally known as TechEd) in Chicago, Illinois.  This conference was a huge success with over 23,000 attendees.  There are a lot of new things coming out with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 over the next year.  I wanted to provide you some of… Read more

Troubleshooting a Stop 0x7B in Windows

The purpose of this blog is to provide information about the common Stop 0x7B bugcheck/Reboot Loop issue, and the best methods available to resolve it. We will discuss the main components involved in this type of bugcheck/crash, what can affect them, and not only troubleshooting steps to perform, but also steps to resolve the issue…. Read more

MMS 2013 Hands On Labs Available

A few months ago we held the annual 2013 Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas. As in years past, the event sold out quickly and it was a very busy week. To everyone that attended, our sincere thanks.  As a recap, the below blog gives you the list of available sessions online to view that… Read more

Sessions from MMS 2013 Now Available

Greetings AskCore fans.  I thought I would start creating a blog for a subset of the videos/sessions available at each of the conferences that Microsoft has throughout the year.  These sessions will be available and will deal with topics that are discussed here on the AskCore Blog.  There are numerous other sessions if you want… Read more

Issues Resulting in Bitlocker Recovery Mode and Their Resolution

My name is Tanner Slayton and I am a Sr. Support Escalation Engineer for Microsoft on the Windows Core Team. I am writing today to shed some light on a common Bitlocker problem that we see. * While you can accomplish most tasks via the Bitlocker Control Panel Applet, I am going to be using… Read more

Windows Vista Boots to a Black Screen with only the Mouse Cursor

Problem Upon startup, Windows Vista Boots to a Black Screen with only the Mouse Cursor Resolution This is most likely due to the Remote Procedure Call service (rpcss) running under the LocalSystem account rather than NT Authority\NetworkService account. To resolve the issue, follow this procedure on the problem machine: 1.    On the affected machine, boot… Read more

How to Debug Kernel Mode Blue Screen Crashes (for beginners)

Perhaps the largest call generator for the Core Team is for us to determine cause of a hard system crash that generates a Blue Screen and memory dump file.  Commonly called a “Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).”  The vast majority of these memory dumps could be analyzed by Administrators in just a few minutes using… Read more