Keeping backups of Cluster Logs

In a previous blog, Understanding the Cluster Debug Log in 2008, you were given the information on how Cluster logging in Windows 2008 Failover Clustering and beyond has changed from the earlier versions. In this blog, you were shown how the size of the log can be manipulated in order to keep a recommended 72… Read more

One of the source volumes specified has invalid….” Error messaging running wbadmin to backup system state

When creating a system state backup with Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 you may encounter the following error: “One of the source volumes specified has an invalid format and cannot be protected using Windows Backup. Only volumes formatted with NTFS can be protected.” One possible cause of this error is having a… Read more

Bare Metal Restore

With Windows Server 2008 R2 you can perform a Bare Metal Restore of a server that has suffered a catastrophic failure.   That’s right you can restore a server without having to install the OS and then the backup agent.  You just simply boot from the Windows Server 2008 R2 DVD, but I am getting ahead… Read more

Reasons why the error Enumeration of the files failed may occur during System State backup

  In today’s blog submission, we would like to address some reasons and troubleshooting tips for resolving the error of “Enumeration of the files failed” that can occur during System State backup. This particular error can be experienced on various versions of operating systems. But for the purpose of this blog, we will focus on… Read more

Unable to select an attached VHD as a Shadow Copy Storage location

You may notice that you cannot choose to store Shadow Copies on an attached VHD, and that when configuring Shadow Copy protection on an attached VHD, there are no other locations available to store the copies on, other than the protected VHD volume. This behavior is by design. Illustrated below is the behavior you may… Read more

DPM 2007 – Troubleshooting protection for Hyper-V

This post is about Windows Server 2008 with the Hyper-V role installed, that are being protected by System Center Data Protection Manager 2007.  There may be one or many Virtual Machines on each Host/Parent Partition, and they may be running Windows 2003 and/or Windows 2008.  Supposing the DPM Agent is installed only on the Host/Parent… Read more

So You Want to Try a Backup Network?

What is a Backup Network? A backup network allows backup traffic segmentation from your primary network.  Keeping backup traffic off your production network allows you more bandwidth for your day-to-day work without having to wait for off hours to get backups of your data.  This does not mean that you will not see potential performance… Read more

Windows Server Backup 2008 Restore from Network Location

Hello my name Scott McArthur and I am a Senior Support Escalation Engineer in the Windows Platforms group. Today’s blog submission is how to use Windows Server Backup to do a complete system restore over the network. This blog is specific to Windows Server 2008 but the process is basically the same for Windows Vista…. Read more