MDT 2010 & 2012 – My deployment failed. What and where are logs I should review?

One of the most common questions I get is “What logs should I look at if my deployment fails?” So here is a little summary of the logs you will be most concerned with when troubleshooting a failed Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 install that are being deployed via Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010… Read more

Deployment Options for UEFI based Computers

Today’s blog will discuss support for UEFI with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and other deployment tools.  First we should discuss why this change is occurring.  Today’s BIOS has been around for a long time.  Some of the limitations include: 16bit code 1mb address space limitation Slow option ROM initialization MBR maximum bootable disk size is 2.2tb… Read more

MDT 2010: Incorrect wimgapi.dll version causing WIM mounting issues

Today’s blog will cover an issue we have seen with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010.  You may see one or more of the following error messages when generating or updating boot images and other actions in MDT that involve the Lite Touch Images: Unable to mount the WIM, so the update process cannot continue. Unable to… Read more