‘Tip of the Day’ Top Tips for February

The following links are for the top five tips from the ‘Tip of the Day’ blog during the month of February.

Tip of the Day: Good Bye VDS, Hello SMAPI

Tip of the Day: Failover DHCP

Tip of the Day: Screenshots on Surface

Tip of the Day: Deduplication and Backups

Tip of the Day: Optimized Files not Available in Down Level OS

NOTE: Tip of the Day is a random daily tip about Microsoft products. The idea behind it harkens back to something I started when I was first hired at Microsoft.  I told myself, “I want to try to learn something new every day. If I can learn at least one thing today, then I can call the day a success.” Tip of the day is my attempt to share the things I pick up alone the way.

Robert Mitchell
Senior Support Escalation Engineer
Microsoft Customer Service & Support