Announcing public availability of MBAM Compliance Data Cleanup Tool


My name is Himanshu Singh and I am a Support Escalation Engineer with Windows Core Team at Microsoft. I am writing today to provide a solution to a particular problem many of you have faced with Microsoft Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) version 1.0.

There have been situation where you as a MBAM Admin had to delete the entries of older machine records from the MBAM database. The only solution in this case is to either run SQL queries to delete machines from the database or manually cleaning the MBAM database.

We have now made available a public version of a tool called MBAM Compliance Data Cleanup Tool, aka MBAMCDCT.

This tool provides a way to delete machine records from the MBAM Compliance Status Database. This tool will help delete the old records of the machines from the database which are re-imaged or no longer reporting into the database.

This tool provides two options to delete machine records from the MBAM Compliance Status database:

1. Delete machines which have not reported in last X days.

2. Delete machines specified in a list.


This tool does not delete the recovery information or any other data from MBAM Recovery and Hardware Database. All delete operations are performed strictly on the MBAM Compliance Status Database.

The tool is available for download at and is bundled as a self-extractable compressed file, which includes the executable and documentation for your reference.

Hope this tool helps you report the true state of encryption compliance in your environment by deleting the obsolete information from the database.


Himanshu Singh
Support Escalation Engineer
Microsoft Windows Core Team


This tool and documentation are provided “as-is”. You bear the risk of using it. No express warranties, guarantees or conditions are provided. The tool supplied in this document is not supported under any Microsoft standard support program or service. However, you can report issues and bugs in the comments section on this page. Microsoft will, at its sole discretion, address issues and bugs reported