Help us, help you.

Catchy title, huh. Perhaps not, but it is really what we want you to do. This will be a pretty short blog to get out some information that is important for you to know as it may help resolve a Hyper-V issue quickly, or, better yet, prevent one from happening at all. Inside Microsoft, we have what we call Supportability Program Managers (SPM). They help drive product quality by looking at the types of issues that come through our Customer Support organization. They also look at issues being reported in technology forum posts. They track trends so we can improve the product. In a conversation I had recently with the Hyper-V SPM, I was made aware of a number of issues that were resolved last quarter by simply installing a hotfix. So, here I am. Help us, help you by spending some time checking out these two online resources:

Hyper-V Update List for Windows Server 2008:

Hyper-V Update List for Windows Server 2008 R2:

While not updated on a daily basis, these resources should be the first stop when you run into an issue with Hyper-V. We cannot make every fix for the operating system and its components available via Windows Update. Some may require downloading using a link provided in a KB article.

As always, we hope this has been informative for you.

Chuck Timon
Senior Support Escalation Engineer
Microsoft Enterprise Platforms Support