DEP-Business Desktop Deployment (BDD)



This update to Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) 2007 adds support to deploy Windows Vista SP1 for both Lite Touch Installation and Zero Touch Installation using Systems Management Server 2003. This release requires Windows AIK 1.1. 


Scoping the Issue


Questions to help narrow down the issue:

·         What operating system are you deploying? 

·         Are you receiving an error during the deployment?

·         What is the exact error message?

·         Are you using a custom database?

·         What version of the WAIK is installed?


Data Gathering



After deployment is complete: The .log files are moved to either %WINDIR%SMSOSD or %WINDIR%TEMPSMSOSD after you click okay oh the MDT summary page

SMSTS.log:  May reside in %TEMP%, %WinDir%System32ccmlogs, C:_SMSTaskSequence, or C:SMSTSLog.

CustomSettings.ini:  This file resides on the MDT server in the Deployment point(DP) foldercontrol


Troubleshooting / Resolution


To determine the version of BDD you are running look at Add/Remove Programs. You cannot use the help, about in the deployment toolkit workbench to determine the installed version. It is not accurate.


Here are the different versions and how they appear in Add/Remove Programs


BDD 2007(AKA BDD 3.0):


BDD 2007


BDD 2007 Patch 1:


BDD 2007 1). Note requires BDD 2007 to be installed. When

installing choose Modify option.


BDD 2007 Update 2:


BDD 2007 (


Although still supported it is not available for download anymore.  It is recommended that customers upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008(  Many issues in BDD 2007 Update 2 have been resolved in MDT 2008