Core Team Support Center

Welcome to the Ask the CoreTeam Support Center!

If you have already opened (or are preparing to open) a support incident with Microsoft, the information on this page will help you prepare to work with a Windows Core Support Engineer.  For each of the areas supported by the Core team we have provided information on some common symptom / support topics.  Each of these topics includes the following:

  • Scoping Questions:  These questions are designed to gather information about your issue that will help to narrow down the focus of your issue
  • Data Gathering: Being able to provide some key pieces of data prior to working with a Support Engineer can help to cut down the time to resolution
  • Resource Information:  Links to Knowledgebase articles, White Papers, Blog Posts and other resources related to your problem that may help you diagnose and resolve your issue

This is a living repository of information.  As information changes, we will be updating the information on this page and within the support topics.

 To get started, select one of the problem areas supported by the Core team, then select the symptom / support topic that most closely matches your issue.