Indiana Jones and the search for Hyper-V Information

In the last episode, Indy was hanging precariously from a ……..
No seriously….. a high-demand commodity right now is information about Microsoft’s new virtualization technology – Hyper-V.  There is actually a good bit of information floating around cyberspace but, unfortunately, not all of it is centrally located and it may be difficult to find. To help with that search, here is a listing of some of the best locations to look for the latest and greatest information that is publicly available:


Microsoft Virtualization website

Microsoft TechNet Virtualization Center

Windows Server 2008 Server Virtualization TechNet Forum

Hyper-V Performance Counters

Hyper-V WMI Provider (MSDN)


Microsoft Virtualization Team Blog:

Virtual PC Guy

John Howard’s Blog

Robert Larson’s Blog

Rakesh’s Virtual Management Blog

Virtual Varia

Jose Barreto’s Blog

Admittedly, there are many, many blogs out there containing scraps of Hyper-V information.  The one’s listed above are the main ones and will serve as great jumping off points. Let us know your favorite Hyper-V sources.  Good hunting!

Author: Chuck Timon
Support Escalation Engineer
Microsoft Enterprise Platforms Support