Powershell: How to re-provsion the sync DB to resolve the issue that User Profile Synchronization Service fails to start?

You can use the below script: ================================== Get-SPDatabase $syncdb=Get-SPDatabase -Id$syncdb.Unprovision()$syncdb.Status=’Offline’Get-SPServiceApplication$upa=Get-SPServiceApplication – Id$upa.ResetSynchronizationMachine()$upa.ResetSynchronizationDatabase()$syncdb.Provision()  


Powershell: How to restart the User Profile Synchronization Service if disabled?

Below script shows how to restart the User Profile Synchronization Service if disabled.   ============================================ # Loads the SharePoint 2010 PowerShell extensions Add-PSSnapIn Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell  # Sets variable for User Profile Service Application: enter the name of your UPA in quotes, replacing the “UPA” example$upa = Get-SPServiceApplication |?{$_.displayname -eq “UPA”}# Sets variable for service instance: enter…


Admin cannot upload profile picture after SP1 and June CU

Symptom: After SharePoint 2010 SP1 and June CUupgrade, when customer goes into Central Admin->manage user profile serviceapp->manage user profiles, select a user, he cannot uploaded their profilepicture any more, when he click choose picture and upload, it threw this error”There was an error saving the picture. Please try again later.”, hedoes not see anything in…


Handle your customized SharePoint sites when you upgrade

If you have extensively customized your SharePoint sites (by using Microsoft Office FrontPage for example), you must decide how to handle your customized sites when you upgrade. Your approach will vary based on the extent of the customizations, the complexity of your site, and your goals for upgrading. Before you upgrade, it is recommended to…