Error: "We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files." when you try to install Windows 8 (CP)


You try to install Windows 8 (CP), and encountered the following error:

"We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one.  For more information, see the Setup log files."



Try to following methods:

1)Check if you have an SD Card in the system. If you do, you remove it and run setup again.

2) Once the setup fails to find the partition, just close the setup window (the top-right-hand side red X does the job).

From that point, you should be brought back at the initial setup screen.Choose "Repair" then go to the advanced tools and start the command line.


Type LIST DISK and identify your SSD disk number (from 0 to n disks).

Type SELECT DISK <n> where <n> is your SSD disk number.






Type EXIT twice (one to get out of DiskPart, the other to exit the command line tool)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Works beautiful! I installed, reinstalled, crashed, and reinstalled windows 8 trying to experiment with its stability. This trick worked beautiful. Thanks a bunch man!

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks dawg.. yu save my life.. :v my computer life of course.. :’)

  3. Anonymous says:

    it worked for me thanks. but after removing all my other drives and keeping only the SSD for the installation.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Disabling other harddrives did the trick for me

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the help. Your solution worked perfectly for me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Same here, unplug your microSD! I went thru the entire diskpart process 4 times (about 5 hours each) until I figured it out…

  7. Anonymous says:

    I cannot thank you enough for this post. I had to rebuild a Lenovo Thinkstation D20 with Server 2012 after a catastrophic failure and was running into this problem. Like many of you after running the Diskpart I to found that I still could not access the drive but after disconnecting the other HDD's present it ran in fine. It has taken me all day but I am finally there. You learn something everyday as well as learning from your mistakes. Mine? don't install two VM applications onto one machine. It does not like it and you have to rebuild the thing form scratch.  

  8. Anonymous says:

    The step by step  instructions at the top of the page are good but for those who have never used dos or the command window before this above is more an installation for dummies like me lol.

    I followed the instructions but also removed one of my drives, started the installation, when the drive window came up I had Disk0 Unallocated, DON'T FORMAT HERE click next and off it will go with the installation.

  9. jahafar says:

    It worked for me….

    Note down Igor’s comment here…. Be careful while executing clean.If you have single disk and previously created multiple logical drive that contains any data… Everything will get clean and you will loos all the data.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This solution also works if you come to, to delete all partitions on Acer Iconia 500W when installing Windows 8 Pro.

    It seems also strange that it is not possible to create new partitions using wondows 8 Pro!

    / Martin

  11. Anonymous says:

    Do u have Win 7? if so re-install that and do an upgrade to Win 8, that would install with your SD card

  12. Anonymous says:

    If this is for a SSD, you can add the assignment in CREATE – like this:

    Create partition primary align=1024

    And the ASSIGN command is not really required.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately Win 8 is a bit tricky, it doesn't like having a second HDD in the PC nor does it like SD cards, without a CD ROMyour pretty much up the preverbial creek without a paddle , I don't know. Perhaps try waiting until it has loaded all the setup files from the SD card and take it out until it gets past the partitioning section but I'd be inclined to go and splash out $10 on a CD-ROM till u get it working, u can pick them up second hand for next to nothing now or borrow one, I have half a dozen here if u were close u could have one, lol. sorry I'm not being much help but with out the correct input hardware I don't know what else u can do

  14. Anonymous says:

    You try to install Windows 8 (CP), and encountered the following error:

    "We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files."


    Try to following methods:

    1)Check if you have an SD Card in the system. If you do, you remove it and run setup again ( you may have to remove a drive if u have more than one drive)

    2) Once the setup fails to find the partition, just close the setup window (the top-right-hand side red X does the job).

    From that point, you should be brought back at the initial setup screen.Choose "Repair" then go to the advanced tools and start the command line.

    Type Start DISKPART.

    Type LIST DISK and identify your SSD disk number (from 0 to n disks).

    Type SELECT DISK <n> where <n> is your SSD disk number.

    Once u have selected the disk you have to type the selected disk in front of each command ie "DISK 0 CLEAN, DISK 0 CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY " etc.

    Type CLEAN


    Type ACTIVE


    Type ASSIGN

    Type EXIT twice ( U end up with two command boxes) one EXIT to get out of DiskPart, the other EXIT to get out of the command line tool)

    Start the install again

    When you get to the select drive again DONT format just click next and the instillation process will do it all for you.

    Good luck

  15. Anonymous says:

    set installation TARGET media as primary host in bios (works with SSD targets).

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I have a problem when installing windows 8. I try to create a new partition but It shows me this message…/21164082126253975934.jpg

    I have already deleted my old windows.

  17. nataku says:

    Thanks for this I had the same problem on one of my systems with a SSD after a secure wipe with DBAN. I decided to re-document it with screenshots:

  18. For me this didn't work when using an USB 3.0 thumb drive to install Win7 Sp1. The only solution was the burn a bootable DVD and here the setup worked without any issues.

  19. Anonymous says:

    lol yep that does the trick

  20. Anonymous says:

    I had 4 partitions it showes me just the full one … i dnt want to format all my hard disk … wat can i do ???

  21. Anonymous says:

    If your using a HDD that has had an OS installed before, when you look at the partitions on the drive you will see your main partition 200GB or what ever and a small partition 100MB, previous OS only allocate  a 100MB partition for the small drive where as Win 8 needs 300MB, I tried deleting all partitions and re allocating  the small partition as a larger drive but that didn't work either, so tried the method above and it worked beautifully  

  22. Ed (DareDevil57) says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    Diskpart worked first time i tried Win10. Next time around I had to do as:
    " darekjk 18 Oct 2012 5:29 PM

    I had to install the windows boot loader before setup.

    So, run cmd and run (you can do it in repair tools on install disk):

    bootrec /fixmbr

    bootrec /fixboot

    restart and run install again"

  24. Jason says:

    Thanks for the tip, I tried this, but I still receive the same error when trying to install to this drive. Any other suggestions?

  25. Jason says:

    I was able to get it working by disabling all USB ports within the BIOS, as well as all of the SATA ports.

  26. Norlando says:

    Don't disable your USB ports in the BIOS unless you have an old PS/2 Keyboard. Otherwise you won't be able to get back into the BIOS as you will have no keyboard to trigger BIOS configuration.


    FIX for Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Intel SSD 520

    Motherboard Intel DG965WH

    Make sure AHCI is enabled and <<<DISABLE S.M.A.R.T >>…/S.M.A.R.T

    I had previously followed the procedure above in DISKPART, so don't know if that was required.


  27. Comment says:

    Above procedure worked for me.   Don't think my original partition was marked as primary.

  28. Igor says:


    it will destroy all data on yout hard disk!!

  29. dezapata says:

    I confirm removing the optional SD card on Acer Iconia Tab W500 fix the issue:

    "We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup Log Files."

    and install correctly Windows 8 Release Preview


  30. Tony Basallo says:

    This worked for me on an SSD main drive.

  31. Mark Jacobs says:

    Hey zap, I am putting it on my W500 today also 🙂

  32. Chris G says:

    Me too! The W500 was pretty much made for Windows 8. If it had the screen res to support metro app snap it would be perfect.

    Thanks to danma_ for the post, I'd forgotten to remove my SD card and that solved the issue.

  33. Steve says:

    Thanks so much this just worked for me!

  34. blake says:

    Just wanted to leave a note here:  I had to unplug my other hard disk for some reason.

    I had 2 disks my *nix disk and this testing disk for windows.  I unplugged my *nix disk so the only disk in the computer was this one, and viola.  It works.

    Hope this helps someone.  Good luck.

  35. emzky says:

    This worked for me:

    I simply went into the bios and disabled all other HDDs apart from my primary SSD.

  36. ozonebaby says:

    Thanks so much thi just worked with me !!!

  37. Boris says:

    I had this error on RTM with the combination of Intel 310SSD and Kingston DataTraveler Elite 3.0 USB stick.

    When I used Kingston DT Ultimate G2 as installation media (exact same files, just bootsect'd the drive), it came through ok.

    The error in the setup log (x:windowspanthersetuperr.log) was 06069e IBC GetMachineInfo Couldn't find boot disk on this BIOS based computer.

  38. Peter says:

    Worked great for me, had a microSD card plugged into a memory card reader. Cleaned and reformatted the drive with diskpart as per the instructions, and installing now. Thanks for the concise post 🙂

  39. OberusPL says:

    Acer Iconia Tab W500 problem solved by removing SD card 🙂 simples…tahnk you very much.

  40. jürgen says:

    Fixed this error by changing the order of the hard disks in BIOS for boot priority. Tried the fix above – didn't work. Moved the RAID hard disk (which I was installing to) up the list from 4th to 1st. Worked. Was installing Windows Storage Server 2012.

  41. Schlotz says:

    Tried and tried again.  The only build that does work is the old Win8 beta I have.  Downloaded 3 times now, I dont think its a faulty .iso but WTF?!  It still doesnt work.  All I get are errors, with no error code.

  42. Ken says:

    Solved this problem by removing USB 3.0 bluray and booted with a USB 2.0 DVD drive instead. It seems best to avoid USB 3.0 ports.

  43. Hunter says:

    Thank you! I had a USB flash drive plugged into my computer. Easy Fix. Thank you very much!

  44. Bill Ryan says:

    Thanks for the TIP.  It proved quite useful and worked for my situation alone.  I only had to do the Diskpart and they Windows 8 Enterprise Installed just fine.

  45. mike says:

    Unplugging all of my other hard drives and every USB device (Except my flash drive that I was booting Win8 from, of course), and then doing the command prompt operations above seemed to do the trick.

  46. darekjk says:

    I had similar problem with windows 2012 – I had linux partition on disk and GRUB2 as boot loader.

    I had to install the windows boot loader before setup.

    So, run cmd and run (you can do it in repair tools on install disk):

    bootrec /fixmbr

    bootrec /fixboot

    restart and run install again

  47. Jenn says:






  48. SteveD says:

    I had this error on my Acer w500 too Removing SD card worked and installing now, cant wait for it to be up and running 🙂

  49. zero says:

    disconnect all hard drives, leave only one to install w8. it worked for me. after installation connect back.  

  50. Kelonn says:

    One further reason for this error:

    You're using a SD-Card reader for your USB Stick installation, which isn't fully compatible with the card and protocol given. You can create the bootable stick. In my example it was a Kingston 8GB microsd with the 'red' Kingston stickreader buyed for a 2GB card. As soon as I used the black Kingston reader of a 32GB card, it worked.

  51. kemmuz says:

    oh dear same problem with Acer W501 and removing SD fixed the damn thing THANKS

  52. Worked for me says:

    Was installing Win 8 from a flashdrive in a usb 3.0 port, to my ssd. Coudn't get it to work, until i tried this 🙂

  53. Doucha says:

    Thank you dude for the instructions, I panicked when I couldn't get any further having just wiped everything.

    I had a 4gb SD card in the card reader, removed it but it still wouldn't continue on my Acer W500.

    Did your DISKPART steps, and restarted the tablet and install process, it picked up immediately afterwards.

    Now installing – phew! Thanks again.

  54. Cullen says:

    I get a "the disk you specified is not valid" probably just me but I need to get this working please help

  55. Greg Lambert says:

    I tried your method and I'm still getting an error, the same one. Any other ideas?

    Here is a copied post from a post I made on another website

    [align=center]Ok, i am sorry this isn't that pretty of a post, I'm doing this on my IPAD

    So anyways, I need help installing windows 8 pro x86

    After getting past language, the key, and other things, I stumble across where and how I want to install, I click advanced, click on the only hard drive available in the list, which is my internal, click next. And it gives me an error saying "we cannot create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more info please see the setup log files."

    Since I don't have any os on my Alienware m15x, I can't view log files

    I've looked up creating partitions, etc. and still get the same error.

    By the way my internal hdd is named drive 0 partition 1 according to the windows 8 Setup.

    So can someone guide me through this before I rage all over it? I'll rep all I got if I can get this working to anyone who comments with support.

    And another thing, the "new" button by drive options advanced is not highlighted, but format, delete, and loa d driver is.

    Any possible help appreciated

    Thanks in advance

    Well some of it is for the other site but it gives a better understanding of my issue.


  56. Aleš says:

    I had 2 hard disks and then I just unplugged the other one and it worked flawlessly.

  57. Nadezhda says:

    What do I do if I DO have an SD card in my system, and it's Windows 8 "installation flash"? I don't have CD-ROM or other install media.

    Another SD card in my system is my SSD drive where I'm going to install Windows, so I cannot remove it too.

    Steps above does not help. Please note that I used to have Windows 7 Customer Preview and the installation did word for the same system configuration. Now I'm trying to install the release version and get the error. I don't have any other OSes in my computer. In fact, my computer does not work for three days already, because I have bought the new Windows.

  58. tester says:

    I had the same issue's, all you need to do:  set the drive you want Windows on as the first boot drive in BIOS, it's works, try it.

  59. CJ says:

    I tried the recommended steps but that didn't work.  Then i read someone's post about unpluggging all HD's.  That did the trick.  Just had Win8 installer on USB stick and SSD plugged in.  Now it's installing…finally!

  60. Casey4 says:

    The above fix using the command line worked for me. Thanks danma_

  61. Shafiq says:

    Thanks This Article help me install my new Windows 8.

  62. Bob Hyatt says:

    i had the same problem. if u are trying to boot from a usb flash drive, then before i tell u how i resolved my particular problem make sure ur boot priorty is set to your usb as first priority.  I already installed windows 8 on the same hard dive before but later i deleted it because i was waiting for some reviews of windows 8 enterprise. Anyway after checking the reveiws i was going to reinstall it and then that phrase came up "We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files."  So i found that if any other usb storage device was connected to your computer other than the drive with the windows 8 set up, that phrase would appear. so check ur usb ports for any other storage devices other than the one your using to install wondows and remove them. and restart ur computer and try again.

  63. X says:

    This thing cleaned my whole disk and ive lost all my data thats just great.

  64. Michelle says:

    Same.  Removing everything except my USB and hdd didn't fix it.  Neither did disk part. Microsoft tech support told me to "call your manufacturer and tell them to send you a basic drivers disk. "Fail!

  65. Tobias Weber says:


    Sorry my capslock is not broken but I just destroyed about 10 hours trying to install Win8 from USB Stick and had an SD Card installed.

    You are great – now it is working 🙂

  66. maranello69 says:

    Disabling all the others hdds from bios and setting the usb setup drive as default boot worked for me, the partition was not set as primary after the procedure described, but leaving it with just one choice did the job

    Way to go Microsoft, you managed to screw up once again, unbelievable…

  67. David Grinberg says:

    I tried this and it works, but when its done my ssd is an MBR disk. However when I try to install Win8 on this SSD it says the drive cant be MBR, it has to be GPT. I tried doing the diskpart again but doing convert gpt also. However, when I try the active command diskpart says

    "the selected disk is not a fixed MBR disk. The active disk can only be used on fixed MBR disks"

    How do I get around this?

  68. sam says:

    You ***. Just managed to wipe OS X. Cheers for the warning?????

  69. angelcyber942 says:

    so… what about if i use netbook , no dvd rom there , i use USB to install windows 8… so i can not install windows 8 via USB meant ?

  70. Henrik says:

    Thanx for this tip – DISKPART solution worked for me!

  71. goniyak says:

    Only worked after disabling AHCI, and setting disk to IDE mode.

  72. jrex says:

    Will this procedure wipes of all the in the hard disk????

  73. jrex says:

    Will this procedure wipes of all the data in the hard disk???

  74. Andrew says:

    But what if I don't want to clean the partitions off the drive. This solution sucks big time. It's been an issue since the RC release so why is it not fixed yet?

  75. JazJon says:

    I tried every other fix and it didn't work. (IDE vs AHCI) and manual DISKPART CLEAN etc, nothing worked

    I tried FOUR different USB drives, and the 4th one worked.  (no change to anything else)

    I created each one via the Windows 7 Microsoft usb boot utility creator.

  76. You are all idiots says:

    Everyone who is complaining that they wiped they're hard drive using this is an idiot. If you don't understand what something is doing maybe you should look it up before you do it. Or maybe you shouldn't be installing an OS on a computer if you don't even know basic DOS. It's no one's fault but your own that you're either too stupid or too lazy to actually research what you're doing to your computer.

  77. Nathan says:

    I tried about 20 variations on this basic process but this is what I had to do.

    I have a regular PC with a SATA HDD. I was getting the error whether I formatted from repair or anything else. I tried creating many different partitions but nothing was working.

    I happen to be working with a Linux live CD and was able to diag a few things but even formatting to NTFS through this did not work. Finally in the Linux instance I crated a partition and copied the ISO contents to that partition on the HDD. I also made the partition bootable. I removed the USB I was using to install windows and rebooted. The files in the HDD caught and took me to the windows install. where it FINALLY completed successfully.


  78. anony.muos says:

    excellent, was struggling to install and chating with tech support, could not able to get answer, found your post helpful, i am installing windows 8 pro with bootcamp, during where to unstall it gave me this error, when i removed usd 3.0 and deleted partitions and and formated the partition and click on next, and then i have inserted the usd 3.0 works fine for me

  79. Dave says:

    Worked fine – always squeaky-bum time when your messing around with DISKPART; but took me back to days of yor where that was your only option…

  80. agraf says:

    Thank you so much. That did the trick. Thank Windows for allowing quick cmd access again.

  81. George says:

    Pulled out the SD card and it worked next time round Cheers!

  82. Hanif says:

    UNBELIEVABLE !!! It worked,   before that I spent hours trying to install. I assumed it was my HDD had failed.  Took out MicroSD card and installed win 8 straight away.  

  83. Shabby says:

    Read the disk part steps on another site, and no luck. On this page I saws the ad card warning, took out my sd card, and it worked completely fine

  84. David says:

    Wich part of "Type CLEAN" all you idiots didn't understood?

    All you got well served for being such morons.

  85. Dan_IT says:

    This worked for me

    I also had a thumb drive plugged in with some raid drivers on it.

    but the drives were previously used for centos

  86. Dan_IT says:

    This was installing server 2012 on a dell poweredge 1850

  87. Bertie says:

    On Iconia,  remove SD. Remove from Keyboard. Insert Mem Stick (With install files) into Centre USB Port. Worked for me.

  88. Josh Hope says:

    BOOT PRIORITY!  None of the fixes anywhere helped me with this, until I came across what I thought was the most useless answer in the world online.  Basically, they said because the HD they were trying to install one wasn't listed first in the boot priority list in their BIOS, it wouldn't install.  I did not believe this could be my issue, but in fact it was.

  89. Franck says:


    I tried everything and everything was à FAIL.

    Then I thought about that thing with other USB devices and said to myself "what about my setup USB key?"

    So, here are the steps:

    1-  Chose youy drive and click next -> FAIL

    2- Now, unplug your USB key (yes, the one with your Windows setup) -> new error message

    3- Plug your USB device

    4- Click on refresh

    5- Click Next

    And voilà (ahci mode)

    I Hope it will help remaining unlucky guys.

    And one more thing: i think my floppy control was guilty for slowing down the setup.

    Sorry for my english which is not perfect, et bonjour de la France 🙂

  90. jim says:

    Thank You Thank You,

    Your resolution solved my problem with windows 8 not seeing my SSD.  All the other advice about drivers and setting to RAID did not work, but simply following your diskpart instructions worked perfectly. Thank You.

  91. reginald says:

    Simple and concise steps! Am able to install now! You rock.

  92. Mat says:

    same error different resolution:

    got the same error on a supermicro server (with supermicro MB and 2 Supermicro HBA cards)

    I solved the issue by disconnecting all HDD from the HBA cards. Really strange because windows 2012 didn't recognize the RAID cards anyway so not sure how it could see the HDDs.

  93. Mark says:

    i tried but i still get the error

    Virtual disk service error:

    clean is not allowed on the disk containing current boot, system, pagefile, crashdump, or hibernate volume

  94. Wilem Dil says:

    not sure if this was already in the post, but for me it was a bios setting: switch sata mode from IDE to AHCI

  95. kronephon says:

    I can confirm physically removing drive 0 fixes it.

  96. Cody says:

    I tried this and its not working for me. Any ideas?

  97. nick says:

    This worked like a charm! I had no OS installed because I accidentally deleted things I shouldn't have when updating to the Windows Blue 8.1 preview. Can't thank you enough, you saved me from sending in my computer to the manufacturer and going without it at school for 2-4 weeks!

  98. Magik says:


    1) Connect only the drive you want to install Win 8 on, all others should be disconnected.

    2) Do not use the win7 boot tool to create a bootable win 8 USB. Instead use that same tool to create a bootable win 8 DVD.

    3) Boot from that DVD, you should have no troubles this time around.

    I use a primary SSD and a secondary HDD along with a few externals and NAS drives.

    I figured out that booting from the USB was causing the error to appear.

  99. Brent says:

    Tried a USB3 thumb drive … no go. After trying everything else on this list finally tried switching to USB2 drive … bingo.

  100. Chris says:

    Switching from a USB3.0 to USB2.0 thumb drive worked for me.

  101. sergio cabrera says:

    solo tiene que hacer la partición y luego apagar  el computador y volver a empezar la instalación

    just have to make the partition and then turn off the computer and start the installation

  102. Julz says:

    Getting a Dual Layer DVD and burning the ISO worked for me.

  103. SUPERDELL says:

    All these guys are wrong.  You need to select the disk you want to boot from as the primary boot drive in the bios.  Then windows will install to it.

  104. SUPERDELL says:

    Those other things can coincidentally choose your main hard drive as the #1 boot priority but you really don't have to remove everything.  Just select in bios the #1 boot priority as the drive you are trying to install windows to.  So all those other things are really not necessary.  They might get the boot priority to come up correctly but just select it the first time and you won't have to mess with it.

  105. FIREJOE says:

    SUPERDELL thank you so much! tried everything but couldn't get past error. then adter your port checked the bios and saw that only boot option was the windows 8 usb drive. i added the hdd as the second boot drive and viola! finally over with this error 😀

  106. sam says:

    I have to take off all the other drives and leave the ssd then bingo start working. may this help to someone

  107. Kansan says:

    I had same problem. In my system have 3 HDD's. I disconnect other 2 HDD s  then no problem for installation.

  108. kenny says:

    In my case, changing the SATA operating mode to "AHCI" in the bios solved the issue.

  109. Marlon says:

    Thank you very much. I try all the week to resolve that and get nothing. With this tutorial I get reinstall Windows in my PC. I lost some files that wasn't in my SkyDrive and mobile device, but that files wasn't so important. Thanks.

  110. stef says:

    It works! The problem was the SD, I took and it worked without problems. Thx !

  111. Max says:


    For those of you who get the error "Cannot install windows to mbr disk" or the like:

    The solution for me was to follow these instructions:

    Start DISKPART.

    Type LIST DISK and identify your SSD disk number (from 0 to n disks).

    Type SELECT DISK <n> where <n> is your SSD disk number.

    Type CLEAN

    Type EXIT twice (one to get out of DiskPart, the other to exit the command line tool)

    This skips the partition creation steps and lets windows setup handle it instead.

  112. james says:

    Hi guys

    I had this problem on my Toshiba laptop.

    I found that windows 8 would not install from a USB3 device.

    I created a bootable win8 USB2 stick and installation worked with no problems.

  113. Angelo74 says:

    Thanks for the post. The solution worked for me.

  114. Junaid Ahmad says:

    i am using installation media from a usb flash drive source. What can i do then???

  115. themightym says:

    Similar issues with dynamic disks…set as basic using diskpart and it worked

  116. Chinmoy32 says:

    nothings gonna work at all — trust me i know i did them all (i am a geek like that ) you have to have some unallocated space like 350MB or more at the beginning of the drive partition then leave that unallocated and proceed with the later larger drive
    just Bellow it (part of a same drive / partition ) install the windows as that space was unallocated so windows could not put any files there , so you can just download paragon partition manager 2014 free and marge that with your c with a little bit of time
    and you r good as new and happy

  117. Edu says:

    thanks a lot ! your a genius =)

  118. Matt W says:

    Thank you, worked perfectly for me. I was trying to install windows 8 on a Kingston SSD.

  119. alex says:

    I had two drives with two partitions each (4 partitions total) + I was installing from a USB flash drive. I received the “couldn’t create partitions…” message. I was able to recreate the primary partition but that did not help. I finally disconnected drive 2, so only two partitions were visible. Windows began to install.

  120. Abdul Bijur says:

    The error here has to do with the order of the disks. I removed my usb drive from one usb drive to another and things just started working. As long as i had my usd pen drive plugged to that first drive it kept throwing me this error. Everything else above is irrelevant.

  121. Soham says:

    R u out of ur mind?I just formatted my whoIe pc.I thought it was gonna be Useful n nothing wud happen to my data.I shud hav just removed d external hard drive n continued. I know dis is kinda stupid but u shud b more cautious n warn us about such small things. I know it’s my mistake ,I shud never have followed d steps blindly.Now I’ll have to search for some shitty undelete apps.Just plz be more careful so dat others may not suffer.

  122. mike says:

    In my case – Windows insisted the install disk be first in boot order. Changed that and it installs.

  123. harmony Innovations says:

    This post helped immensely.

  124. ajay says:

    Will this delete my all user data?

  125. Jacob says:

    If you have another HDD connected to the system, disconnect it, and leave only the main HDD where you want to install windows. This worked for me.

  126. Daniel says:

    Thanks worked great for me!

  127. Chris says:

    Hi, I am running in the same problem. I tried everything stated. Disabling devices, diskpart etc.. Today i tested the following : I had 2 spare sata drives available (laptop). Installed windows 8 on 1 of the drives. No problem. Seemed there was all kind of old stuff on it, an wanted to start again. Booting, selecting the same partition where i already successfully installed windows 8, hit format, and clicked next showing me the error described. Now if i do not make any changes other then formatting the partition using windows, and then showing me the error, logic tells me the windows format during install messes up the drive. Again, i can not solve the problem anymore. Any suggestions ?

  128. Chris says:

    For you who are installing from a stick :

    Perform the DISKPART as described, but only exit 1 time so that you are back in the command prompt.
    COPY all content from your STICK to C: (in my case my USB Drive was D:)

    Remove the stick and reboot

    After installation you can remove the installation folders from your C: drive

  129. hany hegazy says:

    wow it worked for me thanks alot

  130. adam says:

    Thankyou looks like it worked.

  131. mahmoud nour-eldin says:

    tnkas i remove SD Card in the system. and run setup again.
    and its worked

  132. Unknown says:

    *** u
    *** Microsoft

    Now i have lost all my important data

  133. unknown again says:

    fu*k u
    fu*k microsoft
    all my data is now gone

  134. Skultety says:

    I had same problem, but the issue was combination sandisk x110 with kingston datatraveler 3.0 G2. I boot Windows 8 from DVD and everything is OK. Thanks for advice 😉

  135. shlomi says:

    ****** error disabling all disks helped me + did all the topic said and finnly after 3 hours of trying stuff started to install i was afried to unplug my raid 0 disk 2tbx2 and i have no where to backup my data untill i mange to just disable all disks from

  136. Krishna says:

    i tried this but it does n’t work for me because i used usb flash drive to install w 8.1, i can’t install using dvd because my dvd writer is not working, any suggestions to install windows through usb flash drive

  137. zuz says:

    fu ms ?? u idiots know how to read ??
    format disk u even write that ??? are u blonde ?

  138. mike says:

    This worked for me. I was switching from a previous RAID configuration to AHCI and got the "We couldn’t create a new partition…" message. After using the DISKPART commands listed here Windows install worked. Thanks!

    I also had a drive that was not even showing up in the list of available drives to install to. After using the DISKPART commands above, it showed up on the list as well.

  139. vijay says:

    yeah its worked me too… when these commands completed make reboot ur system. and then continue ur installation.

  140. Roy says:

    After 30 searches and 3 days trying to fix the same issue this was the simplest and had completed the new install in 5 minutes
    thank you !!!!!!!

  141. Mark says:

    One thing that can cause this is if using a USB 3 flashdrive. Use a USB 2.0 and will work OK

  142. Dave says:

    Also try taking out any Cds in the disk drive.

  143. Bharadwaj says:

    Would clean command will erase the data in my hard disk

  144. Thank you says:

    I appreciate your help @Nolan. I have added a new primary partition that Windows will now install you. Thank you sir.

  145. Edvinas says:

    Worked perfectly! thanks

  146. bipin says:

    we couldn t create a new partition or locate

  147. Irfan Baig. says:

    I got this message:
    Windows cannot be iinstalled to this disk. The selected diisk has an MBR partition
    table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks.

    Any resolution of this ?

  148. Andy says:

    In my BIOS settings, AHCI was turned off when this error occurred. I have turned AHCI on (but left each of the drive’s hot plug setting to be OFF), then it worked.

    I had 7 HDDs installed. Other than the system drive of 500GB is not raided, all other 6 drives are RAID0. Hope this helps someone.

  149. Dieu says:

    I had to unplug my usb drive and put it into the next usb slot when it happened, refreshed and clicked next to continue the setup process, it worked

  150. Daniel says:

    For me the issue was the same as what I saw on a prior page, and was from using a Kingston Datatraveler 32 gig usb stick. When I changed to another stick, then it was fine.

  151. vishal thadarii says:

    Thanxxxx alotttttttttt
    Otherwise my hd would be a garbage for me

  152. spud says:

    lol @ the comment about loosing all your data. yeah format will do that.

  153. Cody says:

    Yea the CLEAN command cleared the partition. So I had to recover it. The solution turned out to be removing the other hard drive.

  154. Eric says:

    I was having this exact same problem, where the error message would appear despite having created a primary partition and formatted to the correct filesystem (it was also kind of picky about the disk being GPT, but whatever). Turns out that just creating
    the primary partition doesn’t leave enough space on the drive to install windows, so you have to use the SHRINK command in DISKPART.

  155. Amber says:

    thank you so much!!! worked but I had to switch to AHCI as we’ll

  156. andres says:

    this solution worked for me … thanks

  157. Arman says:

    Changing the type to primary fixed it for me.

  158. Dennis says:

    This worked moving from Lubuntu to Win8.1 – Getting some partition (3 letters) error. DiskPart as shown here worked fine.
    Asus N56V with Samsung EVO 250Gb
    On the Asus remember to enter BIOS, go to Security and disable "secure boot", then go to Boot and enable "Launch CSM" – Reboot and now select your CD / USB drive under boot options.

  159. Eyvaz Mammadli says:

    Guys it is also worked for me , I also removed sata cable from second hard drive and only sas drives stayed in server and system can install. Thanks More

  160. lars says:

    It finaly worked for me! After trying the same thing like 50 times. Can’t really say what made it work this time. But I got to the point where it says "we couldn’t create……"

    Then I pulled my USB -stick (a 16GB Kingston Data Traveler btw).

    From there I went in to


    When I came back I pressed refresh/update
    STILL SAID "We couldn’t create……"
    Then I put the USB back in, hit refresh/update
    and then voila!!


  161. Jon says:

    tried and after I did the first disk I went to start the second and the computer died…when I got it turned back on to be able to try and do the other disk it comes up"initializing and establishing link then says media test failure, check cable then exiting
    boot agent the operating system not found….its on the usb drive I have in …anyhelp for this issue

  162. Botenvouwer says:

    If you get: No partition selected after ACTIVE then use SELECT PARTITION 1

  163. Harry Vowles says:

    Thank you sooooooo much. I felt like I tried everything!! This was the last thing I was going to try before I gave up!! Thanks!! 🙂

  164. Nikolai TJ says:

    When i installed this, i just markt my usb stick as first boot option and i had to use the tuch to install it, (did not work when i used the usb keyboard)

    Hope this can help someone 🙂

  165. manoj says:

    Great !!! it worked for me

  166. Murtaza PU- Pakistan says:

    its very helpful for meeeeee thanks alot

  167. Billp says:

    Had this problem as well. I had a USB keyboard plugged in which had a USB extension port on the keyboard itself. plugged into the keyboard’s USB port was a tiny old USB flash drive that I forgot was even there. I unplugged it from the keyboard and the
    error was gone.

  168. RJ says:

    Using a USB 3 key in a USB 2 port caused this issue for me….when used in the USB 3 port all worked as required!!!

  169. Removing secondary drive worked for me for windows 10 preview. Thanks for the suggestion!

  170. Marcus23 says:

    My HP workstation had BIOS set to Raid plus Ahci, changed it to Ahci only and it worked.

  171. Radame says:

    This worked for me. Even on T110 II with PERC S100 that is not supposed to support 2012 R2. I uploaded the driver form an USB did the DISKPART setup and worked great on next try.

  172. Tim says:

    This worked perfectly for me. Thank you so much.

  173. alex says:

    Worked great with my Lenovo X240. Thank you

  174. maor says:

    thanks very much

  175. adam says:

    hi, after 4 hours of trying and trying, I’ve successfully passed this step.
    For me the problem was the USB3.0 flashdrive(blue middle part) and the SSD. When I finally switched to a USB 2.0 flashdrive, the installation continued.

    Additional info:
    I used the Microsoft tool to create the bootable USB drive.
    ACHI mode was enabled, and the partition was created and possibly formatted with diskpart, but I’m quite sure that the USB3.0 flashdrive was the problem.

  176. Anders says:

    I disabled all HDD in bios boot menu, so that only SSD was present. Then everything worked

  177. Bhoopen says:

    For me the Issue was because of Kingston Pendrive, Kingston 100G3 (may be it is USB 3.0), I am able to install windows with DVD and as well as HP pendrive.

  178. Dan_IT says:

    I simply changed the port the USB was in and it started the install fine. Very strange…

  179. Syed Raza says:

    Dont use diskpart clean it will erase all your data without any message.
    Take Care

  180. seine says:

    It worked for me!! Thanks!

  181. ihsan says:

    Thank you, my computer come back 😀

  182. Mikeyisinoz says:

    Server 2012 R2 and two brand new Samsung EVO 840s via embedded RAID1 controller. Same error installing to RAID 1 logical disk. Did above procedure and also removed any backup disks currently connected. (no other usb/sd cards etc). This worked for me also.

  183. will says:

    Worked for me thanks for the info!

  184. Dick Visser says:

    Just spent half a day figuring out WTF my USB installer wouldn’t work on my new Dell E6440.
    The partition step would list the disk, but no matter what I tried (removing it, formatting, rescuing/diskpart/etc, disabling SD cards in BIOS, disabling USB3 in BIOS – it kept coming up with "Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing
    system partition".

    My USB stick is a Kingston DataTraveler R3.0 G2 32GB (blue rubbery one). Was a bit suspcious after reading this page, so I picked up another brand from the shop and prepared it exactly the same as the Kingston (diskpart, format, bootsect, copy files from ISO).
    Worked right away.

    So in my case the Kingston USB stick is the culprit.

  185. joliett says:

    I LOVE YOU! ‘Cause it worked!

  186. Andrew Lass says:

    I had this issue on a PNY 240GB SSD. Following the procedure worked like a charm. Thanks TN!

  187. Kevin says:

    Worked for me on my Acer Aspire 5920 laptop.

  188. David says:

    I followed the steps and re-fired up the install it worked great thank you for the help 😉

  189. RomainFromFrance says:

    -> This is working for me, windows is copying files:


    I tried everything and everything was à FAIL.

    Then I thought about that thing with other USB devices and said to myself "what about my setup USB key?"

    So, here are the steps:

    1- Chose youy drive and click next -> FAIL

    2- Now, unplug your USB key (yes, the one with your Windows setup) -> new error message

    3- Plug your USB device

    4- Click on refresh

    5- Click Next

    And voilà (ahci mode)

    I Hope it will help remaining unlucky guys.

    And one more thing: i think my floppy control was guilty for slowing down the setup.

    Sorry for my english which is not perfect, et bonjour de la France 🙂

  190. honeysingh says:

    eject other removable devices…then try…..problem solved

  191. Ronak Dave says:

    Thanks a lot man it Works!!! 🙂

  192. Warning it will fkn erase hd says:

    This fkn erased my hard drive you fkn moron !!!!!!! A life time memories are goan .
    Go to hell and burn

  193. Robert says:

    For everyone that’s using USB to install. When you get this error remove the USB try again and it’ll fail. Plug the auSB back in the same socket and try again. It’ll start installing on the HDD/SSD

  194. ivan says:

    The comments helped me more than the post itself but anyway thanks!

  195. Dave says:

    Make sure that the HD you’re installing to is the first HD in your BIOS boot priority. Otherwise, the setup detects that the HD you’re trying to install to won’t be automatically booted and prevents you from installing on that drive. I’m not really sure
    why they couldn’t provide you with a simple error message to that effect…

  196. Ashik says:

    Will this diskpart procedure remove all data of my entire HDD, or from the drive that i select to install my windows?

  197. beneuto says:

    What Dave above said. In my case I was installing from USB drive so had set that as first drive. After setting the target drive first and then using the BIOS boot utility to select the USB drive it worked fine.

  198. bigus dickus says:

    Works on regular hard disks, helped me wipe and upgrade XP to Win 7 Pro – thanks!

  199. Connor says:

    This was fixed for me by disabling my other SATA slots. I had a second HDD attached, a 2.5 inch WD black, which I suspect is the cause of the problem. Once disabled, issue solved.
    This was on a gigabyte Z8N-WIFI board, sandisk SSD for the primary drive, installing from a USB stick.

  200. znx says:

    Unpluging all flash drives was the solution for me 🙂 thanks.

  201. 8 pro says:

    for me I change the bios to UEFI only and change the disk to gpt instead of mbr. only then it let me install windows 8.1 pro from a usb drive

  202. Stoffel says:

    Not only SD cards are responsible for this issue. I used a sandisk USB thumb drive to setup windows 2012 r2, and had the same issue. Its a quite strange drive, because when plugging it in, windows recognizes it as a HDD, not a removable drive.

  203. basant says:

    still same problem … what to do??/

  204. Aris says:

    I tried this and it is still showing the same dialog.Im using a KINGSTON usb.Maybe this is the problem?

  205. Doug Boehme says:

    My solution was to use a CDROM instead of my USB 3.0 thumb drive.

  206. Xander says:

    Disabled S.M.A.R.T on AHCI within the bios did the trick for me!!

  207. anton says:

    Help! When i sid this i still couldnt install Windows so Moe i have no operative system????

  208. Hemika says:

    I had the same issue, but I changed the boot order in the BIOS and it worked. Glad I didn’t had to format the drive.

  209. John says:

    Thank you very much. I unplugged all of my other HDDs prior to the installation and left only my SSD connected (since I’ve had a very bad case of accidentally formatting one of my hard drives in the past with the Windows Setup).

    I encountered this exact error, and I had the W8.1 setup burned onto a DVD. After following the instructions stated here, I was able to have W8.1 successfully installed to my SSD. Crisis averted :).

    I did not need to do any BIOS setting changes. The SSD was a completely brand new Samsung 850 Pro.

  210. remi30312 says:

    moi c’était le 2 ème lecteur CD

  211. Tom Hanna says:

    For Me – it was the SATA port that i connected the target SSD drive with. I switched it from Sata port 2 –> Sata port 1 and the install proceeded.

  212. ahset says:

    thanks!!!! it worked like charm on iconia tab w501

  213. George says:

    Thanks so much! You’re a life saver!

  214. Jacob says:

    Chris’s solution worked for me. Changed from a USB 3.0 stick to a 2.0. I am installing it on an older Asus netbook. Im sure booting from a DVD would work also but I didnt feel like burning a disk!

  215. Protevis says:

    Tried everything here, and my problem was – Kingston Datatravel usb stick (with blue gum). Guys who told about it too, BIG THANKS! I bought new usb stick (adata) and problem was solved. So don’t use Kingston Datatravel usb for this work.

  216. charles says:

    Hi, I still face the issue after going through the all diskpart thing. I would really appreciate your advice.

    Some background: I am trying to install windows 8.1 on a bootcamp partition created from my OS X (iMac). My drive is a fusion drive.

    When I type ‘disk list’ I see 3 drives: disk 0 of 113Gb which doesn’t correspond to the partition I created and 2 other disks both of 931Gb which seem to be the external hard drive I am using to install windows (after creating a windows image from OS X).

    Then in the windows set up, I can hit ‘next’ after selecting this ‘disk 0’ of 113Gb. It is of type ‘System’ not ‘Primary’. As I have no idea from where this disk comes from I didn’t go further. I then tried to go back to OS X but I can’t access ot anymore.

    I hope I am clear. Thanks for your help!

  217. Todd says:

    I had to remove a SAS controller that was configured with a logical volume (hogging Disk0) before I could install 8.1 to my SSD.

    All the rest of the advice here was good, but none of it worked.

  218. Ruben Dario says:

    Simple solution. Justo select In the boot menu, the option UEFI Boot drive xxxx and finally works. I did this forma the new WINDOWS 10. Im installing normally. Thank you so muchos forma nothing 😀 😛

  219. wahyu says:

    not work for me

  220. Bob Hyatt says:

    Here it is 03/24/2015 and this help saved be. I did the following
    Disable SMART

    Finally I’m installing.

  221. Ben says:

    I followed the original steps, downloading 8.1. I restarted my computer and the new error message is "an operating system wasnt found. try disconnecting any drives that dont contain an operating system." What just happened and any ideas to fix it? Thanks

  222. Andy says:

    THX so much. this is very helpful…..

  223. sikmunky says:

    Thanks! this worked for me on Windows 10 preview. It got me to the next step.

  224. MrDracorus says:

    Thank you mate, you made my day, works perfectly, i guess someone in Microsoft couldn´t be bothered to program the bat. file in setup correctly to do these steps for us 🙂

  225. Soya says:

    thank you so much… its work

  226. Saboor says:

    I had similar issues, tried the above instruction didn’t work. the problem was with my Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 flash drive I was installing the Win 2012 sever from that. so I simply create another bootable flash drive and it works fine.

  227. ryan says:

    @Franck from May 23, 2013. Thanks. That did the trick for me. I was installing from a USB 3 thumb drive to a SSD (had also tried to another regular hard drive) and it was failing. I did what you said. Try installing to hard drive listed. It fails. Remove
    thumb drive try again. It gives a different error message. Plug drive back in. Click refresh. Now try installing to hard drive again. It worked!!! Thanks again!

  228. Vietnam says:

    You have to delete all the option then you click New and divide again. (Delete Primary, System…) That’s it.

  229. Mitchell says:

    unplug all other hhd’s or ssd’s but the one you are going to install windows on

  230. Hi I want to find out how to format the HDD in F110, as it does not have an option in BIOS

  231. Eric says:

    @Chris, thanks for the USB 2.0 suggestion…that is what worked for me

  232. mi noog says:

    Method 2 worked! thanks a lot

  233. felipe says:

    This is happening for Windows 10 installer, using the boot from pen drive and it doesnt work, i will try with a DVD Installation

  234. Saunders says:

    Thanks man the first solution worked

  235. noboot says:

    Had the same issue, on the dell M3800 machine, changing USB options had no effect.

    I had to hit F12 for boot options, then manually select UEFI Options: USB1 – Windows DVD(KingstonDataTraveler 30PMAP). The windows 8 Language selection screen (2nd setup screen) should show up in QuadHD resolution

    I then had to manually partition, at which point windows creates a bunch of extra, Recover, System, MSR, and Primary partitions. After this things were fine.

  236. Salman says:

    Thank you worked for me too

  237. jay says:

    I just disables another hdd on bios and all come back on fine. Thanks emzky

  238. Thanks a billion, I struggled with this error for a long time! Thanks again, oh did I say thank you? well thank you.

  239. Khashayar says:

    Thank for your answers guys.
    My problem solved with removing second HDD and trying to install windows.
    Good luck.

  240. Zak says:

    hey thanks! that CMD code worked for me.

  241. What worked for me was switching from a USB 3.0 bootable drive to a USB 2.0 bootable drive. Older laptop with only USB2.0 ports. doesn’t make sense to me but who am I to question the driver gods.

  242. Mike from Tucson says:

    Thanks a bunch removing the SD card did the trick!

  243. Vijay B. Girija says:

    We used to experience an issue “couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one” while installing an Windows operating system on physical servers, Please see the fix for this issue.

    Step —

    Use Rufus tool to recreate USB stick for Windows 2012 R2 using FAT32 instead of NTFS (because usb-stick for installing Windows 2012 R2 seems to need a MBR partition table (not GPT), otherwise the installation gets confused and prints something like "Couldn’t
    create a new partition or locate an existing one", although the partitions were created)

  244. Mido says:

    Please I Want Something Doesn’t Delete my hard disk

  245. Burris says:

    I tested with USB3 and got the error, when tested USB2- no problem it created the partition and installed windows 8 or 2012.

  246. Burris says:

    One more…wasn’t sure if it made a difference, the USB2 was partitioned with NTFS

  247. Ralph Herold says:

    WOW you saved me from going completly insane 🙂 I was trying to install Win 10 from USB to second SSD (first SSD has Win8.1) I tried everyting, but your solution worked !!

    Can’t thank you enough !

  248. Limboo says:

    Switching from a USB3.0 to USB2.0 thumb drive worked for me.

  249. sam says:

    Took the SD card issue one step further and disconnecting my CD drive worked for me

  250. X-Factor says:

    Going from USB 3.0 to 2.0 worked. Also, enabling AHCI mode in BIOS (under SATA configuration for Dell)

  251. alok says:

    thanks buddy i having two hdd on my pc i getting same error then i remove my one hdd now i can installed succesfully

  252. Ashiq Ullah Mangal says:

    Just change your usb from 3 to 2

  253. Robx says:

    Tried just about everything to clean install W10 10130 x86 instead of W10 10130 x64
    Farting around for 3 hours with Unallocated, blank HDD, single Partition HDD and a restored W7 Clean Install Image. No permutations worked
    Went to check IDE/AHCI in BIOS, I don’t have that option
    Didn’t change anything in BIOS. Exited and made one last try and it’s doing it.

    (Compaq CQ61 2009 Originally W7 x64)

    Just need the RTM upgrade to mess it all up again now 🙂

  254. Javed says:

    I was trying to install Windows 8 using DVD. Did not find ahcp or what ever in bios tried to format delete my partition and recreate it but nothing worked.

    Finally disk part made it.

    Actually I don’t want to lost my data since I have only one hdd and too much data. So it was hard to backup all

    I still want to know if there is any way to install Windows 8 without formatting your whole hdd.

  255. Roman says:

    Greatly appreciate this thread!

  256. julien says:

    I had this problem booting off a USB. I finally got around it by selecting the formatted drive I wanted windows installed on before the USB in the boot menu. Hope this helps

  257. Katie says:

    Thank you so much! Works like a charm.

  258. Shadow says:

    Delete the boot drive and click create partition again.

  259. Test User says:

    ( Maniacal Laughter )
    I have been working three days straight on this problem. This simple task in command prompt solved it.

  260. NoobTechy says:

    Cant imagine that inserting the usb in a non SS usb port solved the problem!

  261. SirPercard says:

    Found that if you have a hybrid disk, you have to clean both the disk 0 (HD) and disk 1 (SSD) portions. Once I did that, then Bob’s your uncle 🙂

  262. Whoops says:

    Thanks SirPercard. Followed your instructions on cleaning both disk 0 and disk 1 and it worked perfectly. Just a word of advice though— if you see a disk 2 and you’re using a bootable USB as your installation device… don’t clean disk 2. It’s your USB.

    Works great. Just remember to save your PC’s drivers.

  263. cheng10 says:

    This article solved my problem! Thank you very much!

  264. Chris says:

    Hi I spent a few hours and showed the cant put windos on this partition I just read this and had a mmc card on took out and now installing windows Great thamks

  265. J.B. Lai says:

    I have found a fairly simple solution. (This if for people who are installing via USB)

    1. Go into your bios and set the HDD that you want to install as the very first boot device. Save and restart.

    2. Manually access your boot loader when bios starts. From here select your USB to boot with.

    3. Proceed normally with the install.

    It seems that the partition manager in the windows installation gets confused when when it detects a USB that has a higher boot priority then the HDD you’re installing on. It thinks the USB is the system partition. By setting the HDD to the first booting device,
    it no longer looks at the USB as a boot device.

    This would also explain why the remove USB key while creating the partitions work. By removing the USB, it no longer sees it and so it skips to the next bootable device to look for the windows system partition. When it doesn’t find one, it will now device to
    create it on its own.

    Hope this helps some of you. It took a few hours of sleep out of mine.

  266. Gagnish choudhary says:

    Thanks for the the tips . Problem solved

  267. G. Jones says:

    The key to this and even with Windows 10 is the following. Run the commands on this post, this will clear everything on that disk. The next thing is to make sure your BIOS boot order also has this drive as first in boot order. The two things and you should
    be good. I also unplugged any extra external USB drives but don’t think that actually mattered.

  268. haider says:

    It worked for. IMPORTANT: no need for clean if you want to retain your data. All you’ve to do is to make the partition active in which you want to install windows.

  269. Rizwan says:

    [solved] the simple way to solve this issue is to get into BIOS and change the boot order.. make sure you made the drive first in order on which you are going to install windows 8 8.1 or 10.. may be m late in posting the solution.. i tried that command
    prompt solution but it did not actually work..i have two hard drives and dual boot system with kali linux installed.. while installing windows 10 i ran into same issue.. message that we cant create partition crap…

  270. Tej says:

    If you are installing Windows from USB, remove all the other USB devices except your keyboard (and the USB stick). Also, there is a known issue with USB sticks larger than 4GB when installing Windows…

  271. Leo says:

    I had to unplug every other HDD and optical drive to solve this problem, too. My computer consists of an Abit AB9 Pro motherboard, which has three onboard SATA controllers. I had an SSD on one, 5 4TB hard drives on the second (working as a W8.1 storage
    spaces RAID) and three optical drives on the third. It was running W8.1 happily, when the SSD failed (this confirmed by connecting it to another PC, which couldn’t access it at all).

    When I replaced the SSD and tried to reinstall Windows, I got this error. Disabling the other two SATA controllers in the BIOS did not cure it. I also had a USB stick inserted during the CD boot process, to load the driver for the SATA controller that the SSD
    was connected to, and wondered if this was causing the problem.

    Long story short – I had to unplug every single SATA device except the SSD, and pull the USB stick after the W10 installer had loaded the driver, before it would work.

  272. Riaz says:

    Thanks for the Clean and Clear Steps ,,,, It works 100%

  273. Kyle says:

    Just used this for Windows 10 and it worked as well. Thanks.

  274. Ken says:

    USB3.0 disk would not work so after much trial and error, tried an old usb 2.0 drive at 8gb and worked fine. Thanks guys. A definite "what the heck moment".

  275. uday says:

    Great! It worked for me

  276. Ste says:

    Removing the SD worked for me, thanks

  277. FatM says:

    Dell Opti 9020 – Was installing from a Win 8.1. USB Key. Tried disabled SMART, turning on ACHI, and doing the DiskPart trick – none of it worked. I had to install from CD, then it worked perfectly.

  278. vincent says:

    Boot and install from USB3 didn’t work. Changed to USB2.0 and voila.

  279. archangel2021 says:

    if your computer supports booting to your install media (usb) via UEFI. do that. don’t legacy boot off your usb drive.

    fixed it for me, didn’t have to do anything else.

  280. Gavin says:

    Actually this wasn’t working for me. I have OS X Yosemite running on this PC as well, so I unplugged every hard drive except the one getting Windows 10, formatted the drive and it installed without an issue!

  281. jacob van wie says:

    This didnt work until i changed the line to say ASSIGN LETTER=C

  282. Eugene says:

    Quite a few hours wasted ! The issue was in USB3. When the same setup was done from USB2 – everything worked.

  283. Golden says:

    it has failed to work !

  284. Lonny says:

    I have tried the above Diskpart solution, but when I type "Create Partition Primary" it says Diskpart has encountered an error: Date error . See the System Event Log for more information.

    I have only one internal HDD on my laptop, I was trying to install windows 8.1 from windows 7 but it always says "We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one"

    I have tried Diskpart steps mentioned above but I am stacked on "Create Partition Primary"

    PLEASE HELP ME GUYS….I can’t use my computer any more

  285. Lonny says:

    I have tried the above Diskpart solution, but when I type "Create Partition Primary" it says Diskpart has encountered an error: Date error . See the System Event Log for more information.

    I have only one internal HDD on my laptop, I was trying to install windows 8.1 from windows 7 but it always says "We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one"

    I have tried Diskpart steps mentioned above but I am stacked on "Create Partition Primary"

    PLEASE HELP ME GUYS….I can’t use my computer any more

  286. xavi2 says:

    It´s far easier than all that. At least in my case. If you have 2 or more partitions in the Hard Drive where you want to install Windows (example)
    Partition1 100gb
    Partition2 300Gb (where you have some data (pictures)
    Partition3 500Gb (where you have more data (work)

    When you choose the partition 1 and click "next" it appears the error "We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files"
    You have to "delete" this partition. I know it sounds crazy but the computer thinks it is a partition with some purpose (even if its formated and without any data) As soon as you delete it another partition will appear named as "unasignated partition". HERE
    is where you will install Windows and this time the error won´t appear. You select this new partition and click "next". The Windows installation will then begin.

    Hope this helps somebody. If you dont want to "CLEAR" the whole HDD including the partitions with Data with some of the solutions above this is an alternative. Good luck!

  287. Stewart says:

    Perfect, thanks for this post. This fixed my issue.

  288. massoud44 says:

    I had no microSD, but I also disabled SCSI controller on BIOS and it worked.

  289. Dimtiar says:

    I have the same problem with Windows 10
    I’ve created USB with WiNToBootic and installed on a laptop successfully. I wanted to install another laptop so used the same flash drive but get the error.
    I’ve create the drive again using rufus – the same error. Tried downloading another image – the same error
    At the end I’ve decided to go with the old school approach and burned an DVD and the problem was solved.

  290. Zaid says:

    Danma_’s resolution fixed my issue. Thanks

  291. Petr says:

    Awesome. I panicked a little, but your solution worked perfectly. Thank you!

  292. adu Kofi says:

    please i tried installing a new Windows but the entire operating system broke down till now am unable to use my machine

  293. Ilya says:

    I used the usb 2.0 instead of 3.0, and this has helped

  294. Me says:

    I confirm. Removing all HDDs cables xcept the one being installed works.

    Fu Microsot.

  295. Brandon says:

    Boris hit the nail on the head for me. I was attempting to install Win8.1 on a Lenovo X1 Carbon 20BT with a 240GB ssd via a Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 32GB usb3.0. I received this error even after formatting from the command line. I burned my installation
    to a DVD and ran the installation from a usb dvd drive. The installation was a success.

  296. Three years later.. says:

    I was using a single HDD partitioned with GParted. I set up my partitions so nicely on GPT, then got this error. To fix it (well, I guess we’ll see…it’s installing now), I deleted the partition I wanted to install on, Then created a new one with the
    remaining space. It seems that Windows wanted to create several extra partitions (a recovery, and something else), and I had the entire space partitioned out. It then made the main OS partition, and some extra ones that it wanted in the new free space, and
    it’s installing now. So much for a pretty partition map…

  297. Lonny says:

    sorry for taking long guys……I have attempted to delete the partition1 but it does not give me the option to delete it since the "Delete’" tab is grey out, even the "Format" is grey out.

  298. Muhammad Ariful Islam says:

    Sometimes it occurs due to USB3. It seems windows bootloader dont like USB 3. So I tried with USB 2 and it works. I also tried to unplug the USB 3 during partition and after refreashing i plug it again, it works!

  299. K. P. says:

    I encountered the same issue, and the only way to do this is to delete the primary partition. When you delete the primary partition, which is usually an extra space, and not the partition you are going to install Windows on, you will be able to proceed.
    Simply click on delete on the primary partition with the lowest amount of space, and you should only have one partition left so you could install windows. I hope this helps!

  300. Attila says:

    Worked for me. Thx very much 🙂 Cheers!

  301. Fayyaz says:

    i tried but its not working for me

  302. Tabarelli says:

    Thank you so much. I removed the sd card and it working fine.

  303. Tabarelli says:

    Thank you so much. I removed the sd card and it working fine.

  304. HD says:

    USB 3.0 cann’t boot .
    same problem.
    setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition usb install.

  305. Dr Sylvester Benson says:


  306. Daniel says:

    Thanks a lot for this post, I had a feeling that it could be the SD card I had with Linux Live installed on it. Had my 8GB SDHC Card plugged into my laptop whilst trying to install Windows 10. Interesting that there’s still this issue with it. Unpluged
    my SDHC card, rebooted the installation and it installed fine on my 840 EVO.

  307. Rob says:

    I was having this problem when installing Windows 7 from a bootable USB. Was able to get past it by unplugging the USB stick once I was at the Choose Destination screen, then clicking refresh, then plugging the USB stick back in and clicking refresh again.

    Was then able to click "Next" and have it install to the HDD as expected.

  308. NAnex says:

    thanks. got solved with sd card removed. God bless you.

  309. Samim7 says:

    If the above procedures didn’t work. just unplug your usb and plug to front usb port of your cpu.

  310. Zenoxi says:

    What a stupid problem!
    Whatever I tried, including DISKPART procedure, or BIOS swaping, taking usb out in several moments of installing… nothing helped.

    USB Kingstone simple doesn’t do it. It is not meant for bootable purposes (it says like that on their official website).

  311. Zenoxi says:

    Finnaly i took another usb and solved the problem!

  312. Bigv says:

    Tried every single step, over and over again, nothing worked. My HP Elitebook just wouldn’t install via USB.

    Decided to use a DVD and everything installed immediately.

    Obviously had something to do with USB 3.0 stick on an older computer, if I had a USB 2.0 I would have tried that, but since I didn’t, went the DVD route and now I’m up and running.

  313. Daniel says:

    Thanks, that works for me but if it was possible to specify partition size it would be better

  314. Jijith says:

    I try to install the is on c drive , if I perform this operation I doubt about I lost my other drives data… ??

  315. Noor All Safaet says:

    Thanks…. It was working for me.

  316. Xpsolutions says:

    If you are using a Kingston USB flash drive to install windows, that could be the cause as someone stated here that Kingston flash drives may not work with some laptops. I was using a Kingston flash drive to install windows and got the message "We couldn’t
    create a new partition or locate an existing one."
    I changed to another USB flash drive and it worked!!!

  317. John says:

    Nice try but none of this worked…I think it has more to do with USB 3.0 vs 2.0. Wish I still had some old flash drives…

  318. Kuberan92 says:

    Thank you!!! That worked so well very 🙂

  319. mike says:

    This works for Win 10 also

  320. Nandu says:

    i made changes in bios setting for the hardisk ..and it worked

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