Windows Update (WSUS) failed with error 0x80080005? try this solution!

Some customers reported that they got error 0x80080005 on their WSUS client. A simple fix is adding the following registry key:


Key = RegistrySizeLimit

Type = DWORD

Value = 4294967295


If the above solution can not resolve your failure, please send me the log files.

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  1. socrates says:

    No need to edit registry. Give "Everyone" permission. When done. Remove "Everyone" permission. Worked for me.

  2. Brian Perro says:

    Give permission to everyone? That is one lame answer.Describe the process Einstein!

  3. sanju says:

    mine is windows 7 64bits … it takes only initial 6 digits in value for DWORD Type. It takes entire digit in Qword type… i tried both still no luck

  4. Polar says:

    Hi Sanju, you need to use decimal on the left, or you can type in ffffff for hexadecimal.

  5. Polar says:

    Sorry I mean decimal on the right or 8 f for hexadecimal.

  6. martinem2 says:


    Where et how fix adding the key please ?

  7. San Juan says:

    Realy work , ty

  8. Wava says:

    And then what is the value name?

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