Internet Explorer 9(IE9) and Forefront TMG 2010

Recently some customers reported an compatiblity issue between IE9 and Forefront TMG2010.

After install IE9, Microsoft Forefront Thread Management Gateway management tools cannot work anymore, it gives error message like “member not found”, “refresh failed”.

And going back to IE8 the problem was resolved. This seems localized IE9 is installed. Gernam and Russian language were reported being affected.

We are investigating this issue, the current workaround is:

* Open “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Forefront Threat Management”
* Search for the 3 lines which contain “paddingTop”, and remark-out each of them by adding “//” in the begining.
Example: Change the line:
m_aPages [niPage] = ((m_nBoostUp < 0) ? -m_nBoostUp : 0) ;
// m_aPages [niPage] = ((m_nBoostUp < 0) ? -m_nBoostUp : 0) ;
* Save the file, and re-open TMG management console.

Comments (25)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Internet Explorer 9 y Forefront TMG 2010 no se quieren

  2. danma_ says:

    Error 0x80020003 is "Member Not Found" = the OLE Automation error – 2147352573 (DISP_E_MEMBERNOTFOUND)

  3. Anonymous says:

    any solution?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cela commence à se savoir mais l’installation d’IE9 sur un serveur configuré avec Microsoft Forefront

  5. danma_ says:

    @telemed1, please share the file that you implemented the workaround.

    @Fabio, did you try the workaround?

  6. Anonymous says:

    It seems updating to the latest version of IE9 solves this problem. I do not have this issue after updating to the latest IE9 update patch.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The current workaround working partially.

    When i start Forefront Thread Management Gateway management tool,(After the workaround) I get

    a new box:

    "Script Error"

    Line: 287

    Char: 13

    Error: Invalid argument

    Code: 0

    URL: file:///C:/Program%20Files/Microsoft&20Forefront%20Threat%20Management%20Gateway/UI_HTMLs/Generic.htm?guid=%7BCAB89263-C55E-4492-958B-C24723083320%7D

    Do you want to continue running script on this page ?


    New Box:

    Forefront TMG Error

    Error 0x80020003 – "Member Not Found"

    Going back to IE8 the problem was resolved.

    I reset the workaround too.

    Running: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1

    8GB RAM, 64-bit OS

    TMG Version: 7.09027.400

    Management Console 3.0, Version 6.1 (Build 7601: SP 1)

    The update to IE9 is now hide until a permanet update coming from Microsoft.

  8. Fredrik "DXter" Jonsson says:

    What will resolve this issue in the future more permanent? A patch to TMG or a patch to IE9? 😉

  9. I've got the same issue here in the English version.

  10. Menno Hoekstra says:

    Yes, this workaround works!

  11. Error 0x80020003 After installing the TMG 2010 says:

    t for the record, the error "Error 0x80020003" when you open the console 2010 is related to TMG installation IE9.

    Importante: After installing the console IE9 opens with error 0x80020003, this occurs at all the options of the console 2010 GMT preventing create any rule or edit the TMG 2010


  12. Fabio says:

    Any solution?

  13. Mark says:

    As Jeroen remarked in april, the error occurs also with an english IE9, though installed on a server with Dutch time/date/currecy settings.

    I was not amused this morning, discovering the problem. .

    Guys @ microsoft, it would have been nice to have been notified to set WSUS NOT to update on servers with TMG.


  14. TE says:

    Thanx, de workaround works perfectly!

    Now lets hope for some action from MS.

  15. Nikola says:

    The Workaround works great …

  16. Bengt says:

    Problem solved with comment out the 3 lines as suggested. Thanks a lot.

  17. Sergi says:

    Hello everyone.

    I just want to explain that the spanish language(win 2008 R2, IE 9  and TMG 2010) has the same problem. The problem solved comment out theese 3 lines.

  18. Sanderma says:

    Nice, works!

  19. manuel says:

    Fantastic, only I've uninstalled the IE9 update, restart the server, and Forefront works perfectly.

  20. kimmo says:

    .."We are investigating this issue".

    19.6.2012 I had to remark these lines like in 2011. 😛

  21. Jan van Zeggelaar says:

    This really is an impressive investigation. It started April 2011. It is now July 2012. SOrry, something like this would never take so long in the Open Source community.

  22. Henrik Hermansen (IT4SURE) says:

    Works fine for me – Thanks – it saved me a lot of time

  23. adam says:

    Anyone knows why is it an error? Neighboring lines looks almost exactly the same and they don't raise any exceptions. What's wrong with this paddingTop? And as I compare 2 TMGs, i see the tabs look slightly different. Worse with the workaround.

  24. Mohan says:

    I have this problem with IE10 aswell, this fix did not make a difference?

  25. Matias Colli says:

    Hi, I’m Matias Colli and this is my temporal solution:

    * Open "C:Program FilesMicrosoft Forefront Threat Management"

    * Search for the 3 lines which contain "paddingTop", and remark-out each of them by adding "//" in the begining.

    Example: Change the line:
    m_aPages [niPage] = ((m_nBoostUp < 0) ? -m_nBoostUp : 0) ;

    // m_aPages [niPage] = ((m_nBoostUp < 0) ? -m_nBoostUp : 0) ;

    * Save the file, and re-open TMG management console.

    It’s works for me.
    Matias Colli

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